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Name Type Lv1 Locations Lv2 Locations Lv3 Locations Summon MP Seru HP by level Seru MP by level
Gimard fire attribute Rim Elm ; Drake Castle Ancient Wind/Water Cave ; Biron Monastery; Zeto's Dungeon Bio Castle 10 99, 224, 1242 20, 60, 160

Gimard is the first Seru that you run into. A bunch of them attack Rim Elm when the Mist breaks in. It is also the Seru that Meta will explain to the player when the player falls to sleep in Drake Castle. In Legaia 2, the Gimard can be seen in some kind of tube inside the Doppler Castle. Either this is just an easter egg, or it is a sign that Legaia 2 does indeed take place on the same world, but possibly in a different continent or land.

Tail Fire

One of the biggest "idol" Seru is the Gimard. Ask any true Legaia fan, including yourself, what Seru comes to mind first and it is likely to be "Gimard."

The special move that Gimard uses is called "Tail Fire." It is a basically a giant fire ball that goes for your character. It can also take quite a hefty amount of your health, so be careful! It also uses this attack at level 3, but instead attacks anyone that's in the party.

When using your Ra-Seru to summon Gimard, it uses a special attack called "Burning Attack." Not really a talented name for a move, but it can be definitely useful when fighting the first boss, Caruban.

Burning Attack

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