General F.A.Q.

What is this site?

is all about getting the real legaia fans, and newer fans, together. There is no central location for everyone who likes/loves Legaia to talk, so I wanted to create this site just for that.

Can I send ideas and requests to legendoflegaia.net??

There is a forum just for giving out ideas. Just head over to the Forum labeled "Ideas" and you can post a topic there.

I don't like 'x' from legendoflegaia.net, what can I do?

Every time a new idea is accepted, such as a new layout for the website, forums, etc. then there will be a topic in the "Expressing opinions" forum. So if you do not agree with the outcome, or want to say something is absolutely awesome (cause we know it is) then put your opinion there. Any opinion is welcome.

Can I donate to legendoflegaia.net?

Absolutely. We appreciate any donations to the site and will reward you in turn for it. The donations given to us are not used for personal income. They will be used to maintain the website (upgrades to servers, security, renewal of the site, etc.). You can find out how to donate at the donate page

Can I change my username?

Nope. The reason being that it is extremely annoying to know someone and then see their name suddenly change. If you have less than 10 posts and don't like your name suddenly, then we can gladly change it for you. Email support at support@legendoflegaia.net with the request and reason.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No. What's more annoying about changing a name is the fact that someone plays as two people. We may not notice right away, but if we do see that there is an account with the exact IP address, there better be a really good explanation along with proof of what is going on. Otherwise the IP address will be banned along with both accounts being deleted.

Someone in the same household wants to join the website, but the IP will appear the same. What should I do?

Email the forum support at support@legendoflegaia.net before creating the account. It will all be discussed in the email. This will save you a lot of trouble!

Why have I been warned??

Read the rules and FAQ, and maybe you'll find the source. If it's not there, then you were probably told why you were warned... Otherwise email us if the answer isn't in any of those: support@legendoflegaia.net

Group F.A.Q.

How do I become a moderator?

The number of moderators for the forum is going to be a maintained balance between the number of active users. At the time of this answer, there are too few of users to have too many mods running around the forums. If we feel that you'd be considered a good candidate as a mod, we'll notify you - don't ask us to become one.

How do I become a VIP?

These are also mostly selected from other VIP members and higher. Asking or begging to be part of the VIP class is a way to make sure you're NOT going to be part of it - so your best choice is to just sit back, wait, and hope. There are various ways to become a VIP member for the forums. For most people, it'll be activity and dedication to the website. For example, if you prove to be an active member constantly through the forums and we see this activity, you might find yourself having the VIP status out of no where.

Do donations help with either one?

Yes, they can help with becoming a VIP - but not unless they're realistic donations. In other words, donating a straight up $50 won't get you to the VIP class. If you're a member who donates, say $10 a month for many months, then you're more likely to become a VIP than if you did one large sum of donation and left it at that.

"G" F.A.Q.

What is "G"?

G is the currency used on the site to purchase things in the Store. Save up some G to get as many items or pets you can! Make a really useful and popular thread to make even more! Read below on information in getting them.

Where can I view how much I have?

Nearly everywhere. If you see your own post in the forums, you can see how many you have under your user details. You can also view how much you have in your profile, and if you're among the richest of members, you can view it on the front page of Members at the very bottom.

Can I donate them to other people?

Yes you can! Perhaps you're so rich that you want to help out newbies to the site... Maybe you want to give someone G for some kind of service, etc. Method one in getting to it is to click the donate button next to another users G (found under their information in a post). The second way is to go to a person's profile and click the donate button next to their G amount. Leave a comment when donating to keep from confusing people!

Can I lose them?

The main reason you'll lose them is if you make a bad post/topic. You may also lose them in games (like D&S or the Clans feature) on the site.

How can I get them?

  1. Posting topics (but not useless spamming ones).
  2. Replying to topics.
  3. Winning them in D&S or Clans
  4. From donations.
  5. From helping the website from errors and incorrect information.
  6. Providing ideas.
  7. Number 7 is a secret. :)
How are they distributed through the forums?

  • 5G - Post an "Idea" topic for the website/forums in the Idea Forum.
  • 2G - Creating topics anywhere else.
  • 1G - For each reply you make to another topic, including your own.
How are they distributed through the website?

These are NOT for the forums. Correcting someone's typo in the forums by notifying them is NOT going to get you anything. These are only for the main site (well, unless there's a broken link on the forums somewhere).

  • 5G - Typo's (e.g. "Gimerd" instead of "Gimard")
  • 10G - Improper Title/name (e.g. the Gimard page says "Vera" in the title of the browser)
  • 20G - Broken Links (e.g. You clicked "Seru" to find that the link throws you an error or redirects to the wrong location)
  • 35G - Missing items (e.g. I didn't mention a treasure chest found in Rim Elm under the items page)
  • 50G - False information (e.g. if I said Gimard was a water Seru)
Are they distributed in any other way?

Yes! At the moment, here are the other distributions:

  • 50G - For every better "drawing" of a pet seru you can provide, I will give you 50G. Must be scalable (e.g. Vector Art)
  • 10,000G - If you can provide the website with a better custom theme of your own (completely your own), works on all pages, and if it's approved by the community, via a vote, the money is yours.
  • 0.10G * point count (rounded down) - If you catch a fish with a score that has not been recorded on the Fishing Page (e.g. you caught a 72 point fish that was large and was only recorded as 68-71 on the fishing page), you'll get 10 cents for each point. So if it's a fish that costs 300 points, you made 30G.
  • For each $1 you donate to LegendOfLegaia.net (yes, a real $1) through the donate page, you will get 100G.
How do I use them and where?

At the top, hover over "Community" and click "Shop". Simply click the category you want to view and click "buy" on the item you want to purchase. Notice the information regarding each item. Note that you may need to "use" or "show" the item for it to work.