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Name Best For Everyone can use? ATK
Astral Sword Vahn No 97
Battle Axe Gala Yes 62
Battle Knife Vahn Yes 18
Beast Buster Vahn No 58
Bloody Claw Noa Yes 49
Chaos Breaker Vahn No 72
Crimson Nails Noa Yes 16
Fighter Claw Noa Yes 26
Force Blade Vahn No 40
Gala Mace Gala No 38
Great Axe Gala No 88
Golden Claw Noa No 86
Hard Beat Noa No 34
Heavy Strike Noa No 73
Holy Claw Noa No 64
Nail Glove Noa Yes 6
Noa Feral Noa No 9
Power Clubl Gala No 76
Ra-Seru Blade Vahn No 98
Ra-Seru Club Gala No 100
Ra-Seru Fangs Noa No 96
Red Club Gala Yes 30
Short Sword Vahn Yes 24
Survival Axe Gala Yes 53
Survival Club Gala Yes 15
Survival Knife Vahn Yes 6
Vahn Fist Vahn No 11

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