About Us

Thank you to all those true Legaia fans out there. This website is built to bring together all fans into a single community where they can talk, chat, and interact with one another. Without the fanbase, this site wouldn't be where it is today.

The site was first created back in 2010 by me (K73SK) under only HTML and CSS. It also had a forum, using phpbb. Unfortunately, making edits with only HTML and CSS was very difficult, and because of this, it was to be relied totally on me, along with needing to check forums for all kinds of errors reported. Today, the site is written in an actual web language and the forums are even integrated into the website so that people who create a profile can even interact on the website itself. This brings much more life and use to the site for those who were only interested in the forums.

As long as I am around, and anyone else who has administrative rights, the site will continue to upgrade over time. For any questions or inquiries, just be sure to email us at support@legendoflegaia.net or message an administrator.