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Genesis Trees

Location Before After Description
Rim Elm Rim Elm Genesis Tree Before Rim Elm Genesis Tree After This is the first Genesis Tree that you revive in the game. It is where the story all begins and how your character obtains the Ra-Seru, Meta. The before form of the Genesis Tree provides the panoramic view of the town (notice the board) and the after form does not.
Mt. Rikuroa Mt. Rikuroa Genesis Tree Before Mt. Rikuroa Genesis Tree After The second Genesis Tree frees many people who were captured in the evil Mist. It's kind of hard to get a screen shot of the top, so that's why it appears cut off.
West Voz Forest The third Genesis Tree is dead because it sat in the Mist all alone for too long and was eaten away by it. Luckily the Ra-Seru Egg within it still survived (Ozma).
East Voz Forest East Voz Forest Genesis Tree Before East Voz Forest Genesis Tree After The fourth Genesis Tree was guarded by Songi in the East Voz Forest. This tree is really hard to get a decent picture of, as can be seen. It saves the Biron Monastery and thins the Mist at the Mist Generator, making it possible to gain access to.
Jeremi Number five is at the top of the Sky Garden in Jeremi. You have to defeat the big boss, Berserker, to get to this one.
Mt. Letona Mt. Letona Genesis Tree Before Mt. Letona Genesis Tree After Number six comes quite a bit after the last one in Jeremi. This one is protected by Songi's evil force field and can only be free if you defeat him in battle.
Sol Sol Genesis Tree Before Sol Genesis Tree After Number seven Genesis Tree is a seedling at first, but combines with Gaza in order to grow. Using Gaza's strong spirit, the Ra-Seru were able to grow it into a full Genesis Tree.
Buma Buma Genesis Tree Before Buma Genesis Tree After Numbers eight, nine, and ten! These Genesis Tree's were originally frozen over when Koru was alive, but once defeated, they become thawed out. This means that the Ra-Seru can finally revive the Genesis Trees.
Seru-kai Seru-kai Genesis Tree Before Seru-kai Genesis Tree After Number 11, the Great Genesis Tree. This Genesis Tree holds the life to the Seru and the Ra-Seru along with the Seru-kai. If destroyed, the Seru will forever be gone!

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