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Main Characters


Quote from the book

A young boy living with his father and younger sister in Rim Elm, a remote village whose high walls keep the Mist out. Possessing a strong sense of justice, Vahn is determined to uncover the true nature of the Mist and free the world from its terror. After his fateful encounter with the Ra-Seru Meta, he leaves his village to embark on a great adventure.

Possesses a good balance between offense and defense in combat. Parameter growth is average. Having a Ra-Seru of the fire attribute, Vahn is not very adept at summoning Seru of the water attribute - his only weak point.

Vahn is the primary character of the entire game. He's rather young, only in his teenage years (14), but can sure put a beating in some creatures! Vahn was born in Rim Elm, which is protected from the Mist on the outside. There is not much to say about Vahn outside what the quote in the manual says. His mother died shortly after giving birth to his younger sister, Nene. Vahn attempted to save his mother by running outside Rim Elm into the Mist, after overhearing his father speak of "Drake Water" being the only cure for her disease. Val, Vahn's father, injured his leg in the process (which is why he has the cane) of chasing after Vahn, to return him to Rim Elm.


Quote from the book

Raised by a wolf in Snowdrift Cave, which miraculously escaped the Mist, Noa is not very articulate, but, on the other hand, possesses a natural intuition and the ability to perceive evil. She is curious and cheerful, but has an extreme dislike of being alone.

With excellent vitality and speed, Noa is proficient at consecutive attacks. Her light, nimbly body, although giving her excellent agility, makes her somewhat lacking in strength and upper defense power. She is the only left-handed character of the three.

Noa is a rather interesting character. She appears to be the same age as Vahn, but is only 12 years old. Her intelligence comes off frustrating to some others throughout the game, but everyone seems to deal with it. She is the fastest in the group and you can take advantage of her fast speed to use her as an item supporter (healing, point card, etc) during tough battles.

Both of her parents were the rulers of a city named Conkram. They released Noa with one of the Soren to find a place away from the Mist, as it was growing over Conkram. The Soren who took Noa died while trying to escape, and a lone "wolf" found Noa and took her to the wolf's care.

Noa has episodic dreams about both of her parents from time to time in the game and will continuously try and chase the balls of light that represent her parents.


Quote from the book

A warrior monk of Biron, a faith centered on the belief in physical and mental discipline through rigorous training. Having lost both parents to the Mist when he was a child, Gala not only disavows the use of Seru but also hates the Seru themselves. Even after attaining the title of Master at the youthful age of 17, the ever serious Gala continues his rigorous training without pausing to celebrate this achievement.

His well-trained body delivers the most powerful attacks of the three. On the other hand, his vitality and speed ratings are low, and he is the least adept at combining Arts.

You meet Gala as the third character. He is also one of the lead teachers at Biron Monastery. What is really interesting is that, even though he's supposed to be a really strong person, even with the title "master," he's the slowest of the three characters and also has the least space for arts. However, he does have a strong defense, and his attack strength is about average with Vahn. When first obtaining this character, he can seem pretty useless. Later in the game, he'll prove useful depending on how you use him.

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