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Name Locations Found Experience Gold Drops HP MP
Koru Nivora Ravine 15000 15000 Healing Fruit 20000 1000

Blade Breath

After defeating the Delilas's, they immediately combine with Koru to force it into self-destruction. Unfortunately, Koru must be defeated within 4 turns or else it will be an immediate game over. Fortunately, it's not too hard of a boss. It's also nothing a good point card can't defeat!

Koru is a Seru that used to be a kind Seru that lived in the Nivora Ravine. But the Mist had drove it mad and it started to breath the cold air out of the mountain, causing Buma and its fishing pond to freeze over. After that, it left a giant frozen blockade which prevents the heroes from access to Mt. Dhini.

Since Koru was storing its heat for so long, it became a very dangerous Seru. If defeated without the help of the TimeSpace bombs, it would explode and could have been strong enough to take out the entire Karisto Kingdom.

Koru uses the special attack called Blade Breath. It also has a special attack called Thunder Needle. It's milder than the Blade Breath. It's, if you couldn't guess, powered by thunder. The last, and third, of its special attacks is called "Gigaton Press," which is earth. Guessing by the names of the attacks, it's probably safe to assume that some of the Delilas's power were absorbed by Koru.

When the number of turns left hits zero, Koru will use a move that charges itself. If Koru is not defeated in the final turn, it will self destruct and destroy Karisto Kingdom.

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