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Name Locations Found Experience Gold Drops HP MP
Zeto Rim Elm;<Zeto's Dungeon>;Conkram (Past) 2250 2000 N/A 5000 512

Call Wave

Zeto is actually first encountered back in Rim Elm. He presents himself in two different forms, one that is more human-like while the other is more crab-like. When visiting Conkram (Past), you also get to see his previous true human form. He is one of the loyal servants of Cort (which explains his final text dialogue, asking Cort for forgiveness).

You will fight Zeto right after you have defeated Songi. In fact, they're so close to each other that you will probably only run into a total of one battle with Seru on the way to Zeto.

Poisonous Bubbles

Zeto packs quite a punch and has two special moves. One affects the entire party with a wave, called Big Wave. The same wave is seen again later in the game when fighting the Seru named Slippery in Conkram. Note that they're both from the same location in the game. Luckily, with Zeto, the player is able to detect when Zeto is going to use Big Wave because he has to charge his attack first with a move called Call Wave. So make sure to Spirit right after you see Call Wave!

The attack, Poisonous Bubbles, will poison the character targeted. It also takes out a lot of HP from the character, so it's another thing to be wary of when fighting Zeto.

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