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Sol Characters

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Image Name Description
Gaza Gaza Gaza is first met when going up the stairs in attempt to get to the top of the city, Sol. He mistakes the heroes as Seru "demons", as he calls them. He mistakes Noa for his granddaughter, Mar, and then realizes that there is no way she could be Mar (because she's dead).
Grantes Grantes Grantes is the lover of Cara.. Of course, he is an unknown person the first time the heroes meet him. He was once a Soren, but had his wings taken away once he wanted to be with Cara. He also helped build the Floating Castle, without realizing what it was really for.
Mon Mon Mon is one of the two main comedians, the other being Pig, in the Sol Broadway. Gala helps take his buddy's place in the stand up comedian and becomes a big hit.
Pig Pig Pig is the comedian that Gala took place for on the standup comedy in the Sol Broadway.
The Owner The Owner This is simply the Sol Broadway owner.
Mar Brothers Mar Brothers Sol-Mar (right) and Sol-Far (left) are two comedians that play in the Sol Broadway.
Old Deez Old Deez Old Deez (or Master Deez) is the master of Biron monks in Sol.
Emperor Etora VIII Emperor Etora VIII Emperor Etora, the emperor of Sol, is the eighth of his generation and was the leader when fighting Conkram in the war. His real name is "Etora Ignao Durk de La Micentus the Eighth." Additionally, Emperor Etora gives the player the code to gain access to Dr. Usha's Research Center.
Cathy Cathy Cathy is just one of the contestants in the Dancing contest. She will only win the first round but loses the second one all the time.
Mary Mary Mary is another dancing contestant. The true battle in dancing is Mary vs. Noa, as Mary can definitely be a tough one to beat!.

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