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Item Checklist of 260

This checklist is for those interested in making sure they get all 260 items that are recorded in the game. It is placed in order for your convenience. Simply click on the item to see where it is located. Credit goes to Sise-Neg from the following link: Wikia.

  1. Healing Leaf (Rim Elm)
  2. Magic Leaf (Rim Elm)
  3. 3x Healing Leaf (Rim Elm)
  4. Mei's Pendant (Rim Elm)
  5. Point Card (Rim Elm)
  6. Healing Leaf (Hunter's Spring)
  7. Door of Light (Drake Castle)
  8. Healing Leaf (Drake Castle)
  9. Fury Boost (Drake Castle)
  10. Survival Knife (Drake Castle)
  11. Magic Leaf (Drake Castle)
  12. Healing Leaf (Drake Castle)
  13. Fire Book I (Drake Castle)
  14. Healing Shroom (Snowdrift Cave)
  15. Healing Shroom (Snowdrift Cave)
  16. Healing Shroom (Snowdrift Cave)
  17. Healing Shroom (Snowdrift Cave)
  18. Nail Glove (Outside Snowdrift Cave)
  19. Healing Leaf (Mt. Rikuroa)
  20. Scarlet Jewel (Mt. Rikuroa)
  21. Power Water (Mt. Rikuroa)
  22. Phoenix (Mt. Rikuroa)
  23. Speed Elixir (Mt. Rikuroa)
  24. Healing Leaf (Mt. Rikuroa)
  25. Vahn Fist (Mt. Rikuroa)
  26. Healing Bloom (Mt. Rikuroa)
  27. Platinum Card (Drake Castle)
  28. Healing Leaf (Drake Castle)
  29. Healing Bloom (Drake Castle)
  30. Swift Water (Drake Castle)
  31. Wind Book I (Water Gate)
  32. Phoenix (Outside Drake Castle)
  33. Life Water (Outside Drake Castle)
  34. Power Elixir (Biron Monastery)
  35. Phoenix (Biron Monastery)
  36. Medicine (Biron Monastery)
  37. Healing Bloom (Biron Monastery)
  38. Ivory Book (Outside Biron Monastery)
  39. Medicine (West Voz Forest)
  40. Healing Leaf (West Voz Forest)
  41. Medicine (West Voz Forest)
  42. Shield Elixir (West Voz Forest)
  43. Magic Amulet (West Voz Forest)
  44. Door of Light (West Voz Forest)
  45. Noa Feral (West Voz Forest)
  46. Healing Bloom (West Voz Forest)
  47. Deep Sea Jewel (West Voz Forest)
  48. Guardian Water (Biron Monastery)
  49. Healing Flower (East Voz Forest)
  50. Magic Leaf (East Voz Forest)
  51. Guardian Water (East Voz Forest)
  52. Healing Bloom (East Voz Forest)
  53. Cure Amulet (East Voz Forest)
  54. Antidote (East Voz Forest)
  55. Survival Club (East Voz Forest)
  56. Azure Jewel (East Voz Forest)
  57. Medicine (East Voz Forest)
  58. Earth Jewel (East Voz Forest)
  59. 10x Healing Leaf (Biron Monastery)
  60. Thunder Book I (Zeto's Dungeon)
  61. Healing Leaf (Zeto's Dungeon)
  62. Healing Flower (Zeto's Dungeon)
  63. Fury Boost (Zeto's Dungeon)
  64. Healing Bloom (Zeto's Dungeon)
  65. Short Sword (Zeto's Dungeon)
  66. Shield Elixir (Zeto's Dungeon)
  67. Phoenix (Zeto's Dungeon)
  68. Medicine (Zeto's Dungeon)
  69. Magic Leaf (Zeto's Dungeon)
  70. Healing Bloom (Zeto's Dungeon)
  71. Burning Jewel (Zeto's Dungeon)
  72. Tempest Jewel (Zeto's Dungeon)
  73. Door of Light (Zeto's Dungeon)
  74. Silver Compass (Ancient Wind/Water Cave)
  75. Wisdom Water (Ancient Wind/Water Cave)
  76. Door of Light (Ancient Wind/Water Cave)
  77. Healing Bloom (Ancient Wind/Water Cave)
  78. Magic Water (Ancient Wind/Water Cave)
  79. Phoenix (Jeremi)
  80. Target Chain (Jeremi)
  81. Power Water (Jeremi)
  82. Guardian Ring (Jeremi)
  83. Healing Flower (Jeremi)
  84. Healing Leaf (Jeremi)
  85. Speed Ring (Jeremi)
  86. Healing Bloom (Jeremi)
  87. Healing Fruit (Jeremi)
  88. Speed Elixir (Jeremi)
  89. Forest Amulet (Jeremi)
  90. Door of Wind (Vidna)
  91. Healing Flower (Vidna)
  92. 10x Healing Leaf (Vidna)
  93. Fishing Tackle Set (Vidna)
  94. Phoenix (Vidna)
  95. Magic Leaf (Vidna)
  96. Swift Water (Octam)
  97. Healing Bloom (Octam)
  98. Speed Elixir (Octam)
  99. Magic Leaf (Gate of Shadows)
  100. Miracle Water (Gate of Shadows)
  101. Healing Flower (Ancient Path)
  102. Healing Flower (Ancient Path)
  103. Life Ring (Ancient Path)
  104. Wonder Elixir (Ancient Path)
  105. Healing Flower (Ancient Path)
  106. Fury Boost (Ancient Path)
  107. Shield Elixir (Ancient Path)
  108. Door of Wind (Underground Octam)
  109. Healing Flower (Underground Octam)
  110. Life Water (Underground Octam)
  111. Medicine (Underground Octam)
  112. Magic Water (Underground Octam)
  113. Fury Boost (Underground Octam)
  114. Wisdom Water (Fire Path)
  115. Speed Elixir (Fire Path)
  116. Healing Bloom (Fire Path)
  117. Magic Leaf (Fire Path)
  118. Healing Bloom (Fire Path)
  119. Gala Mace (Fire Path)
  120. Healing Flower (Fire Path)
  121. Phoenix/Life Water (Fire Path) - Choose the one you want.
  122. Door of Light/Magic Water (Fire Path) - Choose the one you want.
  123. Guardian Chain (Fire Path)
  124. Incense (Fire Path)
  125. Healing Bloom (Fire Path)
  126. Power Water (Fire Path)
  127. Miracle Water (Underground Octam)
  128. Shield Elixir (Vidna)
  129. Spring Salts (Vidna)
  130. Healing Flower (Vidna)
  131. Magic Ring (Vidna)
  132. Slowness Chain (Underground Octam)
  133. Magic Leaf (Ratayu)
  134. Ivory Book (Ratayu)
  135. Door of Wind (Ratayu)
  136. Healing Bloom (Ratayu)
  137. Magic Leaf (Ratayu)
  138. Swift Water (Ratayu)
  139. Healing Flower (Ratayu)
  140. Fury Boost (Ratayu)
  141. Speed Elixir (Ratayu)
  142. Healing Berry (Ratayu)
  143. Wisdom Ring (Mt. Letona)
  144. Magic Leaf (Mt. Letona)
  145. Guardian Water (Mt. Letona)
  146. Power Ring (Mt. Letona)
  147. Incense (Mt. Letona)
  148. Healing Bloom (Mt. Letona)
  149. Wisdom Water (Mt. Letona)
  150. Healing Fruit (Mt. Letona)
  151. Magic Fruit (Mt. Letona)
  152. Wonder Elixir (Dohati's Castle)
  153. Healing Flower (Dohati's Castle)
  154. Power Elixir (Dohati's Castle)
  155. Healing Bloom (Dohati's Castle)
  156. Phoenix (Dohati's Castle)
  157. Healing Fruit (Dohati's Castle)
  158. Life Water (Dohati's Castle)
  159. War Soul (Dohati's Castle)
  160. Fury Boost (Dohati's Castle)
  161. Healing Berry (Dohati's Castle)
  162. Magic Fruit (Dohati's Castle)
  163. Power Water (Dohati's Castle)
  164. Shield Elixir (Dohati's Castle)
  165. Honey (Rim Elm)
  166. Chicken Heart (Vidna)
  167. Traveler's Kit (Karisto Station)
  168. Earth Egg (Sol)
  169. Swimsuit (Sol)
  170. Speed Chain (Sol)
  171. Life Grail (Sol) - Haggle the kid upstairs for 40,000.
  172. Healing Fruit (Sol)
  173. Magic Fruit (Sol)
  174. Miracle Water (Sol)
  175. Power Elixir (Sol)
  176. Shield Elixir (Sol)
  177. Phoenix (Sol)
  178. Speed Elixir (Sol)
  179. Mary's Diary (Sol)
  180. Wonder Amulet (Sol)
  181. Golden Book (Sol)
  182. Healing Berry (Usha Research Center)
  183. Magic Fruit (Usha Research Center)
  184. Magic Fruit (Usha Research Center)
  185. Healing Berry (Uru Mais)
  186. Magic Grail (Uru Mais)
  187. 5x Healing Berry, 5x Healing Fruit, 5x Magic Fruit (Usha Research Center)
  188. Warrior Icon (Nivora Ravine)
  189. Mettle Gem (Nivora Ravine)
  190. Rainbow Jewel (Nivora Ravine)
  191. Spirit Jewel (Nivora Ravine)
  192. Fury Boost (Nivora Ravine)
  193. Magic Fruit (Nivora Ravine)
  194. Magic Fruit (Buma)
  195. Healing Fruit (Buma)
  196. Legendary Rod (Usha Research Center)
  197. Unholy Icon (Mt. Dhini)
  198. Phoenix (Mt. Dhini)
  199. Wonder Amulet (Mt. Dhini)
  200. Healing Berry (Mt. Dhini)
  201. Good Luck Bell (Mt. Dhini)
  202. Healing Fruit (Soren Camp)
  203. Wonder Elixir (Soren Camp)
  204. Healing Berry (Floating Castle)
  205. Magic Ring (Floating Castle)
  206. Life Water (Floating Castle)
  207. Evil God Icon (Floating Castle)
  208. Soren Secrets (Floating Castle)
  209. Magic Water (Floating Castle)
  210. Vitality Ring (Karisto Station)
  211. Spirit Jewel (Conkram)
  212. Lost Grail (Conkram)
  213. Healing Fruit (Conkram)
  214. Wonder Elixir (Conkram)
  215. Power Water (Conkram (Past))
  216. Guardian Water (Conkram (Past))
  217. Magic Fruit (Conkram (Past))
  218. Swift Water (Conkram (Past))
  219. Wisdom Water (Conkram (Past))
  220. Magic Armband (Rogue's Tower)
  221. Phoenix (Rogue's Tower)
  222. Guardian Chain (Rogue's Tower)
  223. Fury Boost (Rogue's Tower)
  224. Minea's Ring (Conkram (Past))
  225. Life Armband (Jette's Absolute Fortress)
  226. Rainbow Jewel (Jette's Absolute Fortress)
  227. Golden Claw (Jette's Absolute Fortress)
  228. Wonder Amulet (Jette's Absolute Fortress)
  229. Unholy Icon (Jette's Absolute Fortress)
  230. Wonder Elixir (Jette's Absolute Fortress)
  231. Great Axe (Jette's Absolute Fortress)
  232. Warrior Icon (Jette's Absolute Fortress)
  233. Lost Grail (Jette's Absolute Fortress)
  234. Mettle Gem (Rim Elm)
  235. Life Water (Seru-kai)
  236. Triumph Armor (Seru-kai)
  237. Magic Fruit (Seru-kai)
  238. Healing Berry (Seru-kai)
  239. Magic Water (Seru-kai)
  240. Dark Stone (West Voz Forest)
  241. Chicken King (Sol)
  242. War God Icon (Sol)
  243. Ra-Seru Armor (Bio Castle)
  244. Ra-Seru Robe (Bio Castle)
  245. Ra-Seru Plate (Bio Castle)
  246. Crimson Book (Bio Castle)
  247. Ra-Seru Seal (Bio Castle)
  248. Ra-Seru Plume (Bio Castle)
  249. Ra-Seru Helmet (Bio Castle)
  250. Lost Grail (Bio Castle)
  251. Ra-Seru Boots (Bio Castle)
  252. Life Armband (Bio Castle)
  253. Ra-Seru Shoes (Bio Castle)
  254. Miracle Water (Bio Castle)
  255. Mettle Goblet (Bio Castle)
  256. Ra-Seru Thongs (Bio Castle)
  257. Ra-Seru Club (Bio Castle)
  258. Magic Armband (Bio Castle)
  259. Ra-Seru Fangs (Bio Castle)
  260. Ra-Seru Blade (Bio Castle)

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