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Population Buildings Genesis Trees Originally covered in The Mist? Item Count (View child page for items list)
112-155 16 (including Sage's Gate Control Room) 1 Yes and No 24

By far, Sol is the most popular city/town in the entire game. You hear so many players and fans of Legaia talking about Sol. Of course, it's supposed to be the best city in the game. Just like the tour guide said in Vidna, Sol is one city that someone will want to go in and never leave! It is filled with Mini-games and ways to earn coins and test your real skills. Compare your skills with others and see if you can defeat every enemy in the Coliseum!

Sol starts off looking like it's entirely in the Mist, but as you get higher, you find out that the top half isn't in the Mist at all. Apparently, because of the height of the city, it doesn't get affected. It works the same way as Usha Research Center.

Luckily, there are people in the tower that never have to witness the "feeling of the Mist." The Mist never gets high enough to affect the entire city, and in fact, there is never a situation to where the henchmen are trying to make the city completely covered in the Mist. You would think that with the 10 years it's been safe on the top, the Floating Castle would eventually notice civilization on the top of the city (the Biron monks).

Songi taking Gaza away

When going upstairs just a bit in Sol, the player will encounter the character Gaza. He isn't really an enemy at first, as he finds that you are humans and not Seru nor Seru monsters. Noa apparently looks just like his granddaughter, who was killed in the Mist by the Seru. In revenge, he kills all the Seru and Seru Monsters. Later, the player must fight him because he refuses to allow the heroes to plant the Genesis Tree seedling on the bottom of the tower. After defeating Gaza, Songi shows up and takes him away. At first, it is unknown as to what Songi plans.

Sol also has unique chests called the Sage's Chests. Each one speaks to the player asking for bread. In return, the player feeds the chest with Soru Bread (NOTE: Soru is likely NOT "Sol" in Japanese. Talk to the baker in the bakery and he says "Soru himself" meaning that it's a person's name). After all eight Sage chests have been fed, you're in luck. Something moves at the bottom of the building, revealing the walkway to plant the Genesis Tree Seedling!

Throughout the time at the bottom (Warrior's Square), the player will have to go through many colored switches along with pulling two large levers just to get to the center of the room (and plant the Genesis Tree). Below is the order in which colored switches must be pushed and where the player must go to get into the center:

  1. The first lever is directly in front of the entrance.
  2. Walking down the path a bit, pull the pink lever.
  3. Go down the first stairway and continue the path to the north and hit the light blue switch.
  4. After going through the light blue switch, continue to the east and hit the dark blue switch.
  5. Go through the dark blue door and hit both the yellow and red switches.
  6. Go through the yellow wiring, head back to where the light blue switch was, and you'll see the red wiring open. Go in it and hit both the white and red switches.
  7. Go south and through the red and white wiring. Hit the next lever and continue to the northeast, hitting the green switch.
  8. Head down one set of stairs, hit the light blue switch in the northwest, and then go through the gate and into the Warrior's Square.

Once in the center, the players will be ready to plant the seedling, but Songi makes a return with the "new" Gaza. Songi has put a Sim-Seru onto Gaza, which takes control of him and makes him significantly stronger than before!

Once he's been defeated, he combines himself with the new Genesis Tree. The sword is left to the hands of Vahn.

Finally, when the Mist has been cleared from Sol, the player can then speak with the King of the city. The King will give a password to the player to bring to the Usha Research Center. For the password, look at the Usha Research Center page.

In the past, before the Mist arrived, Sol was at war with Conkram. Unfortunately, there is a huge history between the two an the war... And it's even the origin of where the Mist came from. To know more about the history, read Conkram (Past). Below is some history you learn throughout your time in Sol:

From one of the ladies on the second floor of the 4th floor inn (about Sol and the Mist):

It was right in the middle of the long, long war with Conkram. The war had been raging for over ten years, and we were beating Conkram's army. "We're about to win! Soon the war will be over," everyone thought. We were about to win, when a strange castle appeared in the sky, and Mist started flowing out of it! As long as the Mist is here, my family and friends will be possessed by Seru. Victory was close yet too far to grasp. That's the real tragedy of Sol.

Lady at the right counter in the bar (silly fairy tale, I cut out the drinking dialogue):

Now, you know the Soren, right? The ones with Seru Wings? They fly through the sky, not obeying anyone. They're very proud. But I heard that a young Soren had risked his life for forbidden love. Soren Law forbids them from loving anyone who doesn't have Seru Wings. In other words, they can't fall in love with surface-dwelling people. Isn't that terrible? There are a lot of nice girls who don't have Seru Wings... like me, for instance! One day, a young Soren was flying. He had a Soren Flute, which is more valuable than even their own lives. But he dropped it and it fell to earth. He looked everywhere for it, but couldn't find it. After searching so long, he was frantic. Then he heard a song being played on a flute. He could tell it was his Soren Flute, but he had never heard that melody. He followed the sound. The young Soren found a girl playing the flute in Buma. He watched her for a long time, listening to the melancholy song. Without realizing it, he had walked right up to her. She saw him and the flute fell out of her mouth. They stared at each other. And they fell in love, right then and there. Just like that! The two couldn't hide their love for each other. But... Soren Law wouldn't allow their love. Sigh! For love's sake, the young Soren made a frightening deal with a demon. The deal was... It was to... (Silence)

Old man in community hall (about Gaza's kids):

Gaza has a son named Theodore and two grand kids, Mar and Belde. One day, in the Mist, in the lower levels of Sol, right before Gaza's eyes... The Seru monsters killed Gaza's son and grand kids. That's what made Gaza run mad. All he had left was his sword. His only reason for living was to kill Seru monsters and perfect his swordsmanship.

Later in the game, when you back into the Conkram (Past), you save Conkram from the first attack of the Mist. Of course, this warps what happens in the future. If you talk to a lady in the Sol Cafe, she speaks of the story of the characters (without knowledge as to who they were):

Now I remember I did hear of it, several years before the Mist came from the Floating Castle... I heard that some strange Mist had appeared in Conkram during the war with Sol. But thanks to the brave deeds of three strange travelers, that Mist disappeared. I wonder if that Mist in Conkram has anything to do with the Mist today.

The Genesis Tree monument downstairs of Sol:

The construction of Sol began in the age of the legendary Emperor Etora I. It is said that Etora I chose this site because of the Genesis Tree. Since mythical times, the Genesis Tree has been considered the guardian tree of Sol. For some unknown reason, the Genesis Tree withered in the age of the Holy Emperor Etora IV. Etora IV moved the Genesis Tree to Biron Temple in keeping with the prophecy of Hari. This monument is dedicated to the memory of the Genesis Tree.

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