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Population Buildings Genesis Trees Originally covered in The Mist? Item Count (View child page for items list)
36-40 9 0 No 14

Vidna is loaded with information about locations in the world of Legaia...You just have to look for it.

Upon arriving in Vidna, the first person to be in front of you is someone who can give you a small tour of the town. In fact, there's quite a bit of history in the tour too. Here's what is said, if you pay 100G that is:

I'd like to welcome you all to Vidna. Enjoy your stay! As you know, Vidna has a lot of geothermal energy. It's a town of hot springs and windmills. 138 years ago, Mayor Molina saw the value of this geothermal energy and developed a tourism industry based on the area's natural beauty. Vidna became famous as a paradise on earth that everyone wanted to visit. People came from all over Legaia for the hot springs. In fact, Vidna's slogan was: "Just as Vidna's underground heat will keep the windmill's turning and the hot springs hot forever, no love borne here will ever die." In other words, they thought that Vidna's prosperity would last forever.

In case you are wondering, that is indeed the way born was spelled during the dialogue on the game. The tour guide also gives tours of Octam and Hari. Here is the dialogue for Octam:

Ah Octam... I've been there many times as a tour conductor. Here we go. Enjoy the tour! Ladies and gentlemen, here we are, the eternal city of Octam! Octam, situated north of Vidna, was once a hub of flying wagon transport. It's also famous for the Temple of Rem, which is dedicated to Rem, the god of fate. Here, flying wagons travel overhead and the Temple of Rem sleeps deep underground. Octam is also famous for Hari, the living god of the Temple of Rem. You know the saying, "See Octam and die," right? Well I'm sure anyone could die happy once they've heard the prophecy of Hari.

And now about Hari:

This isn't really a tour, so I'll keep it brief. Hari is said to be the living god of the Temple of Rem. Some say he's 1,000 or even 2,000 years old. Frankly I have trouble believing that a human being could live that long. They also say that Hari only appears before the temple priestess and the Mayor of Octam. But if you ask me, I doubt he even exists. But if Hari really is a divine prophet... he could at least tell me if I'll ever get work as a tour guide again. Ha ha ha!

Dead Windmills

After staying in the town and learning more about the mysterious location, Octam, it's best to just leave the town and head north (and then east after the bridge) to Octam and explore around to figure out what's going on.

Upon defeating Xain, Vidna's windmills will come to a halt. You can blame it on the freezing of the lava, since the windmills get power from it. You can look around to receive items that you couldn't get before and then head off to Ratayu in order to revive the Genesis Tree and destroy the Mist Generator to the south of it. After destroying the generator, Vidna will become free from the Mist and you can head back there if you would like.

There is also a woman inside the inn that will tell you things about Octam free of charge. Here are the dialogues.

About the flying wagons:

Octam was once a hub of transportation, and the flying wagons were used for transport. These wagons were moved by large Seru. People would ride them and travel east to Karisto.

About the Temple of Rem:

The Temple of Rem is a huge temple located deep inside Octam. Now, Rem is the god of time, right? Well this person called Hari would tell everyone the prophecies of Rem. People used to say that if you had a strange dream, you should tell Hari.

Where Octam is:

You want to know where Octam is even though you can't go outside because of the Mist? How silly! Oh, well. I'll tell you. First, go north and cross the bridge, then follow the coast southeast. You'll see a peninsula sticking out into the sea. Octam is at the tip of that peninsula.

Upstairs in the inn, there's a hunter that tells you a bit about the Gate of Shadows: The Gate of Shadows is an ancient ruin located east of Octam. It's called a gate, but there are no roads there leading anywhere. Some say an ancient treasure is hidden there, but nobody knows for sure. If only the Mist weren't there, I'd go check things out myself.

After you have rid the Mist from the Sebucus Islands, you can talk to the tour guide again to get the following tour:

Eh hem...ladies and gentlemen. The Karisto Kingdom is the heart of Legaian civilization. Naturally, you know why Karisto is the heart of civilization, right?

You can select two choices here.

  1. "No, not really..." gives the dialogue: What? You don't know? You say you don't know? Ladies and gentlemen, it's because of the Seru. Karisto is the only place where Seru are born.
  2. "Yes! It's the Seru!" gives the dialogue: That's right. Say, you're pretty smart! The Karisto Kingdom is the only place where the Seru species are born.

The dialogue continues with: New Seru are born only in Uru Mais, which is in the Karisto Kingdom. All the Seru around here can be traced back to Uru Mais. We breed the Seru from Uru Mais. But don't even think about sightseeing in Uru Mais! Uru Mais is a forbidden zone. You can't get in without special permission. Well that's about it. Of course, now that Karisto is enveloped in the Mist, who knows what's happened to Uru Mais now. But if you're going to go to Karisto, I recommend Sol Tower. It's a fun town. Once you get there, you won't want to leave.

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