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Population Buildings Genesis Trees Originally covered in The Mist? Item Count (View child page for items list)
40-43 6 0 Yes 14

Ratayu was known as a normal good city, but one day, the King was presented with a Sim-Seru from someone else. The Sim-Seru took possession of King Saryu and forced him to create a device in which create multiple Juggernauts, huge Sim-Seru.

When first discovering Ratayu, it just looks like a small city in ruin and you find that King Saryu (the possessed version) can speak out in the Mist. He hands you a key in order to revive the Genesis Tree on top of Mt. Letona. After receiving the key, head off to the east gate to go to Mt. Letona.

When you revive the Genesis Tree and return to Ratayu, everyone is as you would expect, except for Saryu. You try to talk to Saryu, but he'll just tell you he is tired and won't do anything after that. So the heroes must go to the inn and end up finding out that King Saryu takes women of the city and turns them into "Brides of the Seru" under the castle. You meet the first one in the inn, named Eliza. Eliza explains the whole situation. After debating, Noa takes Eliza's place and walks to be the bride herself. Unfortunately, Noa doesn't realize the trouble that becoming the bride caused. She gets trapped within the doors, and you have to find your way to her with Vahn and Gala. After defeating two short bosses (2x Kemaro), you go through the doors and recover her from her solid state. Saryu comes in and you then battle the Sim-Seru version of Saryu, Van Saryu.

When Van Saryu has been defeated and the normal version of the King comes back to reality, he shuts off the machine (killing the nearly made Juggernaut) and gives the heroes the Key to access the Generator in the West.

When exploring Ratayu when it's in the Mist, you should find a letter in the inn with the following message:

Harvest Month, Day 5. You are fortunate to be able to give your life for our great mission! Be happy, Eliza! You have been chosen to be a Seru bride! Tomorrow I will send guards to retrieve you. Clear your mind, purify your body, and wait. Bon Saryu, Lord of Ratayu

The Sim-Seru are first introduced from an older man in Ratayu if you speak to him. He asks if you want to know about the Sim-Seru. Answering yes will enable the following information:

Satisfying some conditions induces Seru to self-reproduce. It's the basic Seru production method. One Seru becomes two. Strength Seru produce strength Seru, and fire Seru beget fire Seru. Everyone used to think that humans couldn't create new kinds of Seru with new powers. But there are rumors that a method for creating an advanced type of Seru was discovered in Karisto. It's called a Sim-Seru! A Seru created by human hands! It almost seems sacrilegious! That monster Juggernaut must be a Sim-Seru, too. What a dreadful creature!

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