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Gate of Shadows

Gate of Shadows

Population Buildings Genesis Trees Originally covered in The Mist? Item Count (View child page for items list)
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Delilas Family

The Gate of Shadows is the place you will keep hearing about before actually visiting it (Unless you visited it first, of course). It is also the place where you first meet the Delilas Family. They are like evil triplets of the characters, as there is the leader who has both strength and speed (like Vahn), the sister who has fast speed (like Noa), and the brute strength brother (like Gala). Of course, not much of a coincidence, each character must fight their "evil twin" when trying to destroy Koru later.

After your meeting with the Delilas family, you will finally be able to figure out how to "open" the Gate of Shadows to find your way into the mysterious passage that the books told you about. When touching the stones, they will ask you for an element according to the direction of the stone. If you get even one incorrect, you will have to fight a Gold Face. Here is the list of answers (if you were too lazy to write them down when reading the page for Octam):

North gate: Earth

East gate: Wind

South gate: Water

West Gate: Fire

After making the stone flower bloom, you need to then throw the Star Pearl inside of it so that it opens the gate for the Ra-Seru heroes.

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