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Fire Path

Fire Path

Population Buildings Genesis Trees Originally covered in The Mist? Item Count (View child page for items list)
0 0 0 Yes 13

The Fire Path leads down to a deeper part of Legaia. The player finds out the henchmen of the Mist are trying to destroy Underground Octam. While traveling down the path, there will be no Mist at first, meaning there will be no Seru to fight right away. But as you get deeper in, the Mist will appear and you will begin to fight some Seru (Actually, only Nova at first). The deepest part of the Fire Path is filled with nothing but molten lava, kind of as if the characters have hit the Mantle of Legaia.

Upon arriving at the molten lava location of the Fire Path, the heroes must make way through the area on a giant rock (an idea from Noa). The player doesn't control where the rock goes, as it is automatic. But the player can decide on whether to go back or move on when using the rock as transportation.


At the end of the path, the player will get to witness Xain for the first time. Xain doesn't realize that the three heroes are actually the Ra-Seru heroes and thinks they are other henchmen working for the Mist. It takes a few times to irritate Xain before he realizes that they are the enemy. Even though he is a huge and dangerous enemy, he doesn't really seem like the mean-type as all the other henchmen are.

After Xain has been defeated, the Sim-Seru will use the last of its living power to sacrifice itself into the molten lava, turning the entire location into nothing but Ice. It seems to have no effect to anyone at first, but when returning to Vidna, the heroes find that the Ice actually froze the molten lava all the way up to that town! This means that the windmills no longer work and the player must free Vidna from the Mist by destroying the Mist Generator to the West!

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