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West Voz Forest

West Voz Forest

Population Buildings Genesis Trees Originally covered in The Mist? Item Count (View child page for items list)
0 0 1 Yes 12

West Voz Forest is the location you will be sent to when trying to revive the Genesis Tree's near the Biron Monastery. Songi and a few Biron Monks were sent to the East Voz Forest instead. Of course, Songi naturally does not hold a Ra-Seru, so they were sent there to "Clear the way" for the heroes when reviving the West Voz Forest's Genesis Tree.

Bridge Grass

While traveling through the West Voz Forest, you will find a chest containing Fertilizer. You will need it to continue past the river found in the forest. There is a plant, called Bridge Grass, right next to the stream. If you are holding the Fertilizer, Noa will suggest to Vahn and Gala to use it to make the Bridge Grass grow faster. And this must be some kind of magical Fertilizer that plant grows significantly fast.

Later, when finding the Genesis Tree, Noa and Vahn find that it has already died and been eaten away from the power of the Mist. Suddenly a Ra-Seru Egg shows within the tree. Instead of leaving it behind, Vahn and Noa use their Ra-Seru to pull out the egg. The egg contains the power of the Ra-Seru, Ozma.

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