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Snowdrift Cave

Snowdrift Cave

Population Buildings Genesis Trees Originally covered in The Mist? Item Count (View child page for items list)
2 1 (Noa's Hut) 0 No 4

You will start off in Snowdrift Cave controlling Noa, the new character. The part of the cave they're in seems to be closed off, as there is no Mist anywhere in it. This is also the only location that the player will be able to find the item, Healing Shroom. It's the exact same thing as the Healing Leaf except it's a mushroom.

Noa's Hut

It makes you wonder what these two (Terra and Noa) ate through their time in this cave. Was it only those birds that seem to nest at the end of the cave? Or do they eat the mushrooms that grow there?

After training (actually, just leveling up and getting some Arts) Noa, you will start to head back with Terra to the hut. But suddenly there's a random earthquake and the Mist breaks through to the cave. As Noa, you follow Terra outside the cave, to where you head immediately to Mt. Rikuroa.

Throughout the cave, the player will learn things about the world of Legaia, although they are short questions and should be answered earlier on in the game if the player paid attention to details (such as books in Drake Castle). The following are the Questions and the Answers:

When the Mist is around you, which is the combination that results in chaos? Seru and human

What is it that, when it is revived, uses powers from another world to push back the Mist? A Genesis Tree

Which Genesis Tree is closest to us? Mt. Rikuroa

Note that if you die/faint while fighting the Piura's in the one room, you will not get a game over. You will simply be healed by Terra and be able to continue fighting.

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