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Name Type Found MP Required
Palma Earth Sol 200

Meteor Cluster

After you have gained access to Sol's slot machines, you will be able to obtain the Earth Egg by turning in 100,000 coins to the Casino in Sol. The player will not be aware of the Ra-Seru egg until after they achieve the 100,000 coins.

Palma is the Earth Ra-Seru and is confirmed to be a Ra-Seru because it is first found in the Earth Egg. Unfortunately, there are no other party members to attach Palma to, so the players must hold a Talisman to activate the power of Palma in combat.

Palma uses a move called Meteor Cluster on the enemies. It takes the enemies into space, where Palma shows itself as a large asteroid. Suddenly, Palma will start hitting all the enemies with asteroids, in which one turns into a meteor as it does hit the world of Legaia with the enemies stuck to it.

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