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Name Type Found MP Required
Ozma Water West Voz Forest 240


Ozma is the third Ra-Seru introduced and encountered in the game. Also, if you have not noticed, it's the only Ra-Seru of the three to not have the Diamond shape when summoned. Gala gets Ozma after the Ra-Seru egg hatches when Meta and Terra revive the Genesis Tree in the East Voz Forest.

When obtaining the power of Ozma (after defeating Songi (Part 3) at the Seru-kai), you can use the move called Voltagor. The power of Ozma can be found at the Genesis Tree in the East Voz Forest.

Upon obtaining Ozma, it says the following dialog: "Gala, I am pleased to meet you. I am Ozma. I am a Ra-Seru. I sense you do not wish to open up your mind to me. Please do not fear me! We Ra-Seru exist only to lend our strength to humans, not control them. Your mind will remain your own. I will not tamper with it. And besides, I have chosen you. Just as you submit yourself to me, I entrust you with my very destiny. Never forget that! Gala, I am counting on you, and the future that you will create for us."

Below are the images of Ozma progressing through those levels in chronological order.

Ozma Level 1 Ozma Level 2 Ozma Level 3

Ozma Level 4 Ozma Level 5 Ozma Level 6 Ozma Level 7

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