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Name Type Found MP Required
Mule Water Buma's Fishing Spot 200

Mule Deep Avalanche

After you have defeated Koru in the Nivora Ravine, you will be able to obtain the Water Egg by turning in 20,000 points to the fishing spot found near Buma. The Water Egg will only show itself after the player obtains the 20,000 points.

Mule is kind of like a giant shrimp! The giant shrimp is also the water Ra-Seru that is confirmed to be a Ra-Seru because you first find Mule within the Water Egg. Since there is no one to attach Mule to them, the egg is turned into a talisman so the heroes can carry the powers of Mule.

The special attack Mule does is called Deep avalanche. It just sends a giant water tunnel to all the enemies, which returns them to the world of Legaia from some kind of giant bubble. It's a relatively weak attack, unfortunately.

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