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Name Type Found MP Required
Meta Fire Rim Elm 200


Meta is the first Ra-Seru introduced and encountered in the game. Lucky Vahn gets a hold of Meta simply by touching the warmth of the Genesis Tree. Meta is of the fire type and does the main dialogue for helping Vahn on his travels to save the world of the Mist. As Meta progresses through levels, by reviving more Genesis Tree's, it grows a blade that looks like it could be an additional sword for Vahn, if it ever got that long.

When obtaining the power of Meta (after defeating Songi (Part 3) at the Seru-kai), you can use the move called Inferno. The power of Meta can be found at the Genesis Tree in Sol.

Upon obtaining Meta, it says the following dialog: "Thank you. Thanks to Vahn, and the people of Rim Elm, the Genesis Tree has been revived. The Genesis Tree has the power to drive away the Mist and to make a Ra-Seru like me stronger. The Mist has left Rim Elm, but it still covers the rest of the Earth. Many Genesis Trees wait to be revived. Vahn, let us leave Rim Elm together to look for those Genesis Trees!"

Below are the images of Meta progressing through those levels in chronological order.

Meta Level 1 Meta Level 2 Meta Level 3

Meta Level 4 Meta Level 5 Meta Level 6

Meta Level 7 Meta Level 8 Meta Level 9

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