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Guild Missions

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Hunter's Guild

The Hunter's Guild is one of the greatest things to come to Legaia 2. Many people wanted more to Legend of Legaia besides the few Mini-games that were available after (basically) defeating the game. Legaia 2 gives the players not only more Mini-games, but also some extra quests to do. Unfortunately, the number of quests feels quite small and the main thing everyone says about it is, "I wish there were more!"

When asking Sonnet to explain the Hunter's Guild, she says:

Here at the Hunter's Guild, we refer to quests that come to us from all over the world. Most of our quests come from the kingdom-financial Central Continental Union, but we have some private quests, as well. You look at the available quests and choose one you feel you're suited to. It's my job to determine if you're capable of the quest you select. Good luck! Return here once you've completed your quest. This is the only place you can collect your reward money. Remember, you can't choose more than one quest at a time. Have you got all that?

Below is a list of different quests available to the Hunter's Guild, along with information about when you can get them, how much they cost, the rewards, and how to finish them.

  1. Find the Rare Creature!
  2. Find Mari!
  3. It lurks in the Mist...
  4. Invaders from Another World
  5. Multiplying Monsters!
  6. My Daughter is Lost!
  7. Mysterious Contagion
  8. Mysterious Potion
  9. Reik Flowers
  10. Tanza Tea Cakes
  11. The Glow in the Thunder Mine
  12. The Golden Giant
  13. Winged Mountain Beasts
  14. Writhing Monster in the Dark

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