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Multiplying Monsters!

Last Updated: 2018-01-15 01:53:05 (k73sk)

Name When available Reward Who posted the quest Description
Multiplying Monsters! After finishing the first 11 quests. 180,000 G The Central Continental Union Monsters continue to multiply in Gale Canyon. Get rid of these monsters.

Sonnet: This is a quest from the Central Continental Union. Many mysterious monsters have been cropping in Gale Canyon. Wipe them out. The reward money is 180,000 G. Will you accept this quest? Phanta has already accepted this quest, too. The reward money will be given to whichever defeats the most monsters. Is that OK?

One of the Lava Beasts

Once you've accepted, you'll actually find Balzac and Phanta hiding behind you, not already in Gale Canyon as you'd expect. Just head your way to Gale Canyon when you're ready and kill off as many of the Lava Beasts you find.

After you've defeated all but one of the available Lava Beasts, you'll be notified of one howling - this is the last one. Go over to the final beast and kill it and then head back to the guild for your reward.

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