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Gardening is kind of a Mini-game to Legaia 2 but not quite. The Gardening feature is more like crafting, where you can put things together to make other things.

To begin Gardening for the first time, you have to have entered Yuno and been given your room in Maya's home. Also, make sure you've grabbed the Regular Fertilizer from the drawer near the pots above the fire. Afterwards, just tap the action button on the pots to begin.

The benefit to Gardening in Legaia 2 is that you can create some items, such as food ingredients and leaves. The method to grow them is rather simple (most of the time). You first plant the seed into an empty pot, select the fertilizer (if available), water it, and then move onto another pot. Most of the time, it's a good idea to water the plants once each. After you've done your work, select "check" to see what happens. If you find a plant died, try to not water it but use the same fertilizer as the first time. It seems to work most of the time.

When the plants start to sparkle or shine (like the Sunset Seed in the picture), select it and choose "Harvest". It'll ask if you'd like to harvest the item from the flower, just select yes and you've not obtained a new item.

To find out what these flowers can grow, select the seeds below and look where it says the fertilizer you're using.

Seeds that can be used:

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