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Find Mari!

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Name When available Reward Who posted the quest Description
Find Mari! After Ayne joins the party 80,000 G Cammy Mari is lost. I want you to find her for me.

Sonnet: This is a quest from Cammy, the one that got lost recently. She says she got separated from her friend Mari during the recent trouble in the Sewers. Your job is to find Mari. The reward money is 80,000 G.

Image of Mari

After accepting the quest, you're informed to visit the hotel - where the Sewers entrance is. Find Cammy and talk to her about her friend, Mari. She can be found upstairs in the second room. She simply states how beautiful Mari is and how she may be dirty now that she's in the Sewers. Simply head down to the Sewers via the entrance in the hotel.

After entering the Sewers, follow the sewage path to the east until you meet up with the red blockade. Go up the stairs, going around it to the west and head into the first room you see ahead of you (so basically right next to the red blockade). Going inside, you'll see Mari, the cat, next to a large stone. Use Ayne to push the large stone to cover the hole (Mari will run into the hole before you get the chance to do so). After pushing the block, go back out and move around the map, going east, to the opposite side of the wall. You'll see the cat when you jump back into the sewage path. Climb on up and take her back to Cammy. Finally, return to the guild for your reward.

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