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It lurks in the Mist...

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Name When available Reward Who posted the quest Description
It Lurks in the Mist... After finishing Winged Mountain Beasts quest 140,000 G Susa They say that in The Forest Maze, you'll find the cause of this strange disease.

Sonnet: It turns out the cause of the recent strange disease can be found in The Forest Maze. This is a quest from a woman named Suda in Yuno. Go there and talk to her directly for the details. The reward money is 140,000 G.

Balzac and Phanta sitting

After accepting the quest, head over to Yuno and visit the building with the water mill. You'll find Suda inside, where she'll mention the beast, Gauraze. Apparently the outbreak for the Apolu fever originated from this creature and the request is for the party to kill the beast. Head into The Forest Maze, via the southern entrance. Head north and you'll find Balzac and Phanta sitting, lost in the forest because they dropped their Mizel Red Sand. Give the poor bulky guy a Dream Burger and head your way up north. Go west at the fork and then south at the next fork. You'll find Gauraze here.

After fighting and defeating the Gauraze, a new enemy if you haven't visited Drokonia yet, head back to the guild for your reward. In addition to the cash reward, the player receives a Maiden's Robe (Maya's Body Armor).

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