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Wind Tower Items

Last Updated: 2018-01-15 01:53:19 (k73sk)

Image Description
redeeming symbol After entering the Wind Tower, Follow the path towards the left to grab this first item.
attack booster Knock over the first pillar you encounter (to the right of the island containing these three chests). Then climb across to get this chest.
camping kit Next to the above chest
life syringe Next to the above chest
masters garter After going through your first portal (before the top three chests), take a left at the fork. But grab the three chests above first.
godfist doublet You'll have just finished your first thunder switch and gone through the portal to the next floor. Follow the stairs to the left to find this chest.
fruit of mysticism In the room with the two thunder switches, you need to have only the left one activated. After doing so, use the western-most platform to float across to the island with this chest.
fruit of stamina Next to the above chest
resurrect bottle When you've passed the double thunder switch location, take either set of stairs on the next area and move towards the center. So if you take the eastern stairs, go left after reaching the end and vice versa for the other direction.
rainbow capsule After defeating Rauss and getting the Aerolith, check behind the stand that the Aerolith was on top of. There's a chest!

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