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Sewers Items

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Image Description
maidens heart in chest Head across the east side of the screen into the next room where there's no sewage going across the floor. Go down the steps, continue until you find steps, and go up them and grab this chest.
red gate key on box After grabbing the above chest, go south a bit until you find a door. You'll find some crates. Use Galea to blow them up and grab the Red Gate Key. Head back to the filled sewer area and go south through the door. Then open the red gate with the key when you find it.
leaf of sagacity in chest Break the east wall from the Red Gate Key.
leaf of mentality in chest Next to the previous chest.
old map in chest After the water drains, backtrack to the hotel location. Instead of going down the right steps, go down the left and then up the ones across from those to get this chest.
leaf of stamina in chest Continue non-stop west from the last chest and you'll eventually run into this chest.
venom cure in chest Continue south from the above chest, skipping the stairs and going through the boxes.
rot ring in chest A little south from the above chest.
camping kit in chest Go back north, take the first left, and follow the path until you find a bridge. Cross the bridge and this is the chest in front of you.
way of rage in chest After grabbing the above chest, take the path that goes north from the bridge (east of this chest). You'll find this art.
heal leaf in box Go through the door next to the Camping Kit chest and break the boxes with Galea.
stun cure in chest Go back to the "first left" intersection. Go south from there, down the steps, and go up the steps to the right.
blue gate key in box Go south, skipping the stairs, and enter the door. Break the box and pick up the key.
unassailable pill in chest Break the wall to the north of the above item.
revival elixir in box Backtrack to beginning of map, follow empty canal, go up the stairs at the dead end, follow the path south, and go south at the fork.
camping kit in chest Continue west of the above chest (and fork).
bronze barome in box Continue the path and enter the door across the bridge.
black ring in chest keep going, open the blue gate, and then go down the stairs and up the ones to the left of those. You'll find this chest northwest of the path.
quick oil in chest Go south, passed the stairs, then west at the fork.
bronze barome in box Go back into the empty canal, enter the room to the north, hit the lever, and then head west in the canal.
courageous heart in chest Go east of the above fork and then east again at the next fork.
scroll of identity in chest Go west of the above (2nd) fork, continue up some stairs, and you'll find a chest northeast of the stairs.
hand maidens ring in chest South on the path of the last chest.
leaf of defiance in chest Continue north, unlock the door, enter the canal, and go south at the fork.
yellow gate key Continue north from the fork until you find stairs. Enter the door, use Maya for pedestal, and grab the key.
strongmenweakwalls in chest Go back to the fork, go up the northern stairs, continue west and go north on top of the wall in the next room.
iceneedle scroll in chest Right next to the above chest.
boost bottle in chest Head back to red gate, cross the bridge south of it, and you'll find this chest.
paralysis draught in chest Continue south to the blue gate, cross the canal going up the stairs to the west of the blue gate, and go to the southernmost path that goes west. Continue, open the yellow gate, cross the boxes, and go south.
revival bottle in chest North, inside a door, of the above chest.
foul doublet in chest Go up the ladder, back into the Sewers, close the Red Gate (flooding the sewers) and head west until you cross a gate to find this chest (useless item to be honest).
stonecrush scroll in chest South of the above chest.
burning heart in chest After getting Sharon back in the party, enter the sewers through the entrance in the hotel. Head west until you see the thunder door. Find a way around it, blast it open with Arrode, and then go through it to get this chest.
invincibility pill in chest Next to the one above.
heal bottle in chest Instead of heading west all the way like the above two chests, head east all the way (after getting Sharon) and you'll find another thunder door to get through.
angels miracle in chest Right next to the above chest
fame oil in chest Near the red gate that blocks the sewers, head southeast and you'll find a crate blocking the way. Use Ayne to knock it over and head into the room to find this chest.
earth axe in chest This is in the same room as the above chest.
paralysis cure in chest Coming from the entrance under the junk pile, head east and you'll see the obvious stone for Ayne to push over. Find your way around to it, and in the room you'll find this chest.
fruit of swiftness in chest This is in the same room as the above chest.

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