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Nohl Items

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Image Description
heal powder in drawer After waking up from your polar bear slumber, go to the drawer in the image.
poison cure in drawer The first room on the east side of the boarding house.
point card in drawer The room to the farthest east of the boarding house. Nice to know you can get it before leaving town, huh?
heal powder in chest Go up the stairs to the north of the boarding house. You'll find this chest within the following room.
heal leaf in flowers Check out the flowers near the two kids for a surprise.
egg from a chicken Click on the chicken to get the Egg!
heal powder in chest Go behind the town wall...All there is to it! It's hidden!
poison cure in chest Inside the items shop, there's a chest behind the counter.
pedometer from mallory Just talk to Mallory, the items merchant, and you'll get this after looking at some wares. You don't even have to purchase anything.
heal powder and poison cure from nancy After getting ready to leave to <Hunter's Wood>, Nancy gives you some items for the trip.
hammer blade from galvan After Lang has made the decision to chase "Gold Eyes" to retrieve the Aqualith, Galvan gives Lang this blade.
wind talisman from galvan Immediately after the above item, Lang will be given this as well.
boostoil from winning against Maxell on sidejump. Defeat Maxell at Sidejump for the first time.
heal leaf from winning against Maxell on sidejump. Defeat Maxell a second time, but defeat your previous high score.
heal potion from winning against Maxell on sidejump. Defeat Maxell AGAIN, but defeat your second high score (above). Beating the score again after this doesn't give you the potion again, but a Heal Leaf.
working lunch from nancy After having Kazan join the group and leaving Mt. Gabel, visit Nohl and help Nancy with her cooking. You also get a recipe!
heavens secret from Dein Defeat Dein at Sidejumping to get this item.
heavens secret from Mallory Get at least 50,000 steps on the Pedometer and then visit Mallory

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