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Mt. Gabel

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Mt. Gabel

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As you enter the bottom of Mt. Gabel, nothing special happens... As in there is no cutscene to look at the scenery or anything special like that. You're just there and immediately start climbing up the mountain. Not too far up the mountain, you make your way to a cabin owned by an older man named Kazan.

At the cabin, the player learns some more about Origins and how they can be used for good or evil, depending on the host of the Origin. Kazan's Origin, Deva, is an Origin of Earth and can help things related to natural processes (such as plants growing). Before continuing anywhere else on the mountain, a conversation between the Origins and Mystics arise concerning "Gold Eyes." This brings Kazan to the point that Lang needs to awaken his Origin before he even thinks about battling a Supreme Origin, one with infinite power.

Lang goes up the mountain by himself to fight the Mountain Morg, which brings Lang to near death - finally awakening his Origin. The Origin is used to defeat the Mountain Morg. Once the friendly beast has been defeated, Kazan and Maya come into the cavern and see the all powerful Origin, Galea. Galea is also a Supreme Origin, meaning that it's also got "infinite power." More is explained throughout the game and all the mysteries will be left behind!

Although the Origin of Galea has been awoken, Kazan tells Lang that he is still a novice and needs more skill and understanding of Origins plus combat. The trio climb back down the mountain and stop at a platform sitting next to a small cliff. On top of the cliff is the Cave of Trials. In here, Lang learns how to use Origins while traveling and also learns how they can be used to gain access to previously inaccessible locations. In the cave, the player also finds a scroll that holds what is known as a Hyper Art.

After the Cave of Trials, the player will have all three characters unite once again and continue down the mountain towards the cabin. At the cabin, Kazan joins Lang to fight "Gold Eyes." While talking, a new random visitor comes by to greet Kazan, by the name is Kenjiro. He's a unique character that'll be encountered through the game. After Kazan gives his belongings to Kenjiro, the player goes down the rest of the mountain to encounter, for the first time, a camping site. This introduces many new features to the game that weren't previously known! For example, the player can now cook meals to increase (or decrease) certain statistics for battle. They can also combine weapons and armor with Materials, use "chat" in the camp sites to learn more or even get Nicknames, etc. So much can be done at camp sites that it's actually useful to have them!

After enjoying your first time camping and learning that there's a mystery with Maya, the player continues down the mountain to continue their journey on the search for Gold Eyes.

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