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Darek's Haunt

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Darek's Haunt

Population Buildings Item Count (View child page for items list)
7 1 5

Living Room space

The first time you enter Darek's Haunt, it just seems like a small passage to a much larger part of the world... Which in a sense, it is. Sharon is revealed to be the leader of the pirates and the captain of the ship, the Blood Hawk. She finally learns that the group is looking for the Pyrolith and Aerolith and invites herself to help the group. After joining the group, she lets everyone onto the Blood Hawk. Unfortunately, they find that they can't sail the ship yet because the ship can only move when powered by a very rare stone called the ThunderWind Stone. The only place that they believe it can possibly be found is in the Thunder Mine.

So shortly after visiting Darek's Haunt for the first time, the group must leave and go to the Thunder Mine. But before officially leaving, just head out to the world map and come back to Darek's Haunt. You can now play the Knife Throwing Mini-game and eat some of the food provided by Bacadee (and learn some Recipes!).

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