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Legend of Legaia Raffle!! December 15, 2014

Alright, from now until January 15, 2015 (1 month), we are doing a Legend of Legaia Raffle. The winner of the raffle will win a (like new) Legend of Legaia game for the PS1. Note that this game is in the NTSC-US format. So either you must have a console that reads that, or you might be able to use an emulator. Things to know when trying to enter:

* Donate a minimum of $10 per ticket. Maximum of 10 tickets per person.

* Must be a member of the forums with at least 5 posts. It's not too late to join! Join now if you want to join the raffle!

* There are no refunds for tickets AFTER the raffle has closed.

* Must enjoy Legend of Legaia! Easiest rule, right?

All money donated will go straight to the website, so your money will not be only a ticket. That means us staying around for a much longer time while we work hard to upgrade the site to a future design. Also, there will be no counter for the number of tickets that we've received. You WILL receive a notification that we got your donation and you have <#> tickets in place. After the "closing" date, we will run a programmed random generator for all the names in the draw to see who wins. Don't worry, it will be much more random than a simple "random" object you see in many programming languages!

To donate, just visit our donate page at This link and donate to the PayPal account shown. If you have any other questions, just email us (, message us on Facebook, or message an administrator directly on the forums.

Good luck and Happy Holidays, from the staff!!

IRC room for #legendoflegaia

Because not everyone here likes the forums or signing up for them, I've decided to give a try for those of you who may want to join an IRC room. For instructions on how to get to the IRC room, simply visit: This link

No, you don't need to sign up for the forums to join the IRC. However, all of us at the forums would love to see you! If the IRC doesn't gain popularity within a month, maybe 2, then we'll simply scrap it and not return to it unless we find a reason to. In other words, this is a test project and we want to see if anyone here is actually interested in community or not.

BIG changes on their way!

Alright, this news wasn't going to be announced quite yet since 1.) I didn't expect to do it so soon and 2.) I was still debating with myself on doing it or not. Anyway, the news is that this site is going in for a makeover. A completely new one, that is. The entire site is going to be using ASP.NET with MySQL as the primary languages along with a little bit of JavaScript where necessary.

So, what else goes with these changes? Well the first part of this is that I'm not going to be making large updates to the site until the makeover is complete, or at least close to complete. Major updates would include me finishing the Legaia 2 section. The goal of the new site is to make creating pages, items, etc. much easier and for the ability to make modifications to the site easier for those who have the right privileges to do so. Also, if something were to happen to myself or I were to leave the site, it's unlikely this website would continue forward. Obviously, no one wants that! Minor changes to the website will still be made (such as fix typo's, broken links, or minor forum bugs) because... well, they're easy and won't take much time out of fixing compared to some of the larger things (such as the interest not working in the bank or more updates to the forums).

Now, since the entirity of the new site will be programmed, doing this by myself can take quite a long time, especially with my tight schedule. This is why I'm also looking for someone who's going to be able to help. We're looking for someone who matches the following criteria:

Now, before people ask, this position is a **NO PAY** position, except under one circumstance. That circumstance is when donations exceed the requirement to renew the site for another year. So this brings me to my next part of the longest announcement I've ever made here.

The site is run on donations, as everyone here knows by now, and all donations have been used straight towards this site. For those who are also interested in helping this site have a new makeover/design and at a much faster rate, your donations will definitely help keep people interested in helping make it faster. Not only will it let us programmers more willing to use our own time to program the site, but it'll be used towards work - not just free money. So instead of donations exceeding the yearly renewal going towards the site as a "thank you" gift, they'll be used towards all programmers and designers who partake in this new site upgrade.

Interested? Email me at or PM me in the forums (K73SK). Thanks all for your time in reading this!

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