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IRC Channel: #legendoflegaia

Official "Game Day" decided and Twitter - April 09, 2017

Based on the votes, we've officially setup the new "Legend of Legaia Game Day" to be May 07, 2017 (First Sunday of May). What does this mean now? This means that on May 07, all Legaia fans are encouraged to play either of the two games at some point on the day, even if it's only for a little bit of time. Be sure to come chat along with us in the forums at as we all play the game! It's encouraged to play with someone, or even bring a newbie to the table to try out the game.

In other news, we also officially have a Twitter account. You can follow us HERE as we post any updates there and on Facebook.

Legend of Legaia "Game Day" - March 30, 2017

We've decided to make an official "Legend of Legaia Game Day". This is a day where all Legend of Legaia fans are encouraged to play either game at some point in the day. Take a few hours from your bed time, cancel a lunch plan, whatever it takes. At the same time, we suggest playing either while talking to another person playing the game, or interact with someone who is playing the game. If you're a seasoned veteran, we recommend you spice up the experience by playing with a friend who's never played before. We need to figure out an official date for this! Please visit the forums, our discord channel, or the Facebook page to cast your vote(s)!

Moving to Discord (Gamer's Chatroom) - February 15, 2017

The title says it all, really. We found that Discord has not only better permission handling, but is definitely aimed for us gamers a lot more than Slack is. Slack was great while it lasted, and we got some good headcount of users in there, but in the end it was missing that gamer-feel to it. Discord fixes that by a longshot.

So don't be afraid to join. *ANYONE* is able to join, whether you're on the forums or not. This is something that was decided among the administrators. However, if you are a member of the forums, we highly highly encourage you select your forum username when joining so we don't get confused. Either that, or private message K73SK or Red to change it once you join.

Finally... Here's the Discord channel URL:

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