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IRC Channel: #legendoflegaia

Moving to Discord (Gamer's Chatroom) - February 15, 2017

The title says it all, really. We found that Discord has not only better permission handling, but is definitely aimed for us gamers a lot more than Slack is. Slack was great while it lasted, and we got some good headcount of users in there, but in the end it was missing that gamer-feel to it. Discord fixes that by a longshot.

So don't be afraid to join. *ANYONE* is able to join, whether you're on the forums or not. This is something that was decided among the administrators. However, if you are a member of the forums, we highly highly encourage you select your forum username when joining so we don't get confused. Either that, or private message K73SK or Red to change it once you join.

Finally... Here's the Discord channel URL:

Legaia 2 on PS4, website/community updates, and Slack - November 09, 2016

Has it really been two years since we posted a news update to this site? Sure has... But we're still here. Forum still has people roaming and posting, talking in chats, and our Facebook page still exists.

News has been announced out on the Internet that Legaia 2 will officially be put on the PS4. Be sure to discuss it over at our forum! It's only a matter of time before the website picks up again due to the game being released on the console. And if we can get a community growing again based on that, we can keep our fingers crossed for another Legaia game in the future, or at least a port of Legend of Legaia as well.

In other news, I've had several people ask me about the new website. So here's the update on that: It was going really well and started to look great, but a few things came up... First, I (K73SK) ended up having a much busier life than I'd like to admit to. Secondly, every time I did manage to get back to working on the website, I found that I had to look at what I was doing last time before I could continue working some more on it. That was due to the time in between me working on the website.

Although I may be proficient in C#, I'm not proficient in ASP.NET (although I imagine it wouldn't be hard to become so if I kept trying to and had time to). As a result, I do tend to start from scratch again, but remake the website all in a different language.

If you have web development experience, don't be afraid to shoot me a message on the forums, or private message the Facebook page. You can try the email as well, of course.

Read the announcement for Febraury. This is no longer valid: We have also implemented a Slack group (Don't know what Slack is? It's a 100% free and VERY EASY-TO-USE chat client: However, it's invite-only to the people who are currently members on the website. If you're interested in joining our slack group, then be sure to sign up to our forums and we will give you an invite after you have made at least 5 posts (to prove you're not a bot).

The last piece of news I wanted to announce was the donation pool for 2016. Yes, it expired. Yes, we didn't make the amount. However, just because I do want to continue working on the site, I paid out of pocket to pull another year - even though I said I wouldn't do that again... I'm giving it a year (as a hiccup), especially considering Legaia 2 was recently announced for PS4. This doesn't mean I'll do it again next year, however. It all depends on the future. In the meantime, I'll start scheduling myself more to work on this website for the sake of the Legaia fanbase.

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