The new site is here! Well, almost...

Last Updated: 2017-12-29 14:55:05 (k73sk)

Yup, you read that right. You probably noticed too. The new site is here! And with it, many new features are awaiting to be used. So what new features come to this new awesome site?

  1. Easy editing for any administrator! Not only I (K73SK) am responsible for working on the site, but now any administrator can. What does this mean? It means a user can report a typo, incorrect information, broken links, etc. and the problem can be resolved much faster/
  2. User Registrations! Right now, registrations are disabled. Why? Well, unfortunately the site's not truly ready... There are very likely security vulnerabilities that need to be checked out, bugs that aren't fixed, and the database can be wiped any moment due to a LOT more work needing to be done to the site. It would be pointless to have you all register and then find that your account had to be deleted due to a high-cost maintenance, right?
  3. Comments! Users can now comment on any page they want to (assuming you're registered and logged in). This can open users to discussions to pages and may even bring some information to the table others didn't know (if we don't want to put it on the page, for example). Who knows? It's worth a shot!
  4. BB Codes! Did you notice how this post has emoticons , italics, bold letters, and even a numbered list? All of these are new and can be used with what are called "BB Codes". They're even right above the text box I'm typing in now to post this news message!
  5. A new store! The old store was on the forums - and will remain there until registrations are open. The intention is to move away from relying on so many plugins and features to the forums, and then use the main site as the primary place to purchase items, chat to people, and even interact in browser games. So many possibilities!
  6. A new UI! Let's face it, the old UI has been around for years. And by years, I mean the website's age is about 8 years old this year. Almost a decade - it's time for an updated UI. While I'm not Web Designer, I will gladly say I'm proud of how this UI looks so far. And hey, since it's using bootstrap, it shouldn't be hard for other artists to come around provide their own CSS files to change how thing looks.
  7. Reporting! Users can now report errors they see on the page rather than having to make a post on the forums or email us. This report will be given to an admin and we can categorize it based on what kind of report it is, then you get rewarded G immediately. Yup, no more waiting for that G! You get it right when we fix the error and resolve the report!
  8. SO MUCH MORE! I could keep typing a list here of all the new improvements. But instead of doing that, how about you take a look and read for yourself? All the finished improvements can be seen on our Trello board. Hell, there are even things being worked on and are about to be worked on in the near future.

Alright, enough of that. Time to get back to work on this site! If you ever see a message "Deployment in progress" or whatnot, it's because new files are being pushed to the website. The plan is to get away from that message and to start making quick updates without affecting your ability to explore the website.

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