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Dino Gol (ディノゴウル)

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Dino Gol

Name: Dino Gol

Found: Mt.Gabel

Upgraded Form: Dino Taurus

Downgraded Form: None

HP: 570; MP: 46

Level: 20

Gold: 605

Experience: 750

Dino Gols are extremely quick for their size. They battle low to the ground, making them hard to hit on anything but a down-turned swing. Gols prefer a combination attack—rending with their mighty clawed feet, followed by a punishing headbutt. Dino Gols are also very agile, allowing them to attack early and often. Finally, Gols have a potent special attack in Crazy Gas. This can make members of your party go berserk, attacking anyone or anything near them.

Dino Gol Crazy Gas

In battle where you are faced with numerous opponents, target Dino Gols first. If they are eliminated early enough, they rarely use their special attacks.

One of the hardest enemies to start battling against is the Dino Gol, unless you have the right stuff equipped. Its special attack, Crazy Gas, will put the character in Berserk mode and if it happens to Lang - you're in some deep trouble. Berserk means there's no controlling who Lang attacks, and if it's Maya, then you might as well forget about healing Lang and just hoping you don't get yourself killed.

Luckily, there is an easy way to dodge this problem, assuming you picked up the item when you had the chance. A special accessory called Cool Jewel uses Berserk Guard - making it impossible to become Berserk. Equip this item to Lang and all the battles against the Dino Gols should go fairly easy. In fact, I recommend you purchase this item from Darakin before entering the cave to fight these monsters - assuming you haven't already entered Mt.Gabel...Otherwise, you might be a little screwed over.