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Corrosive Tusk (コロッシブタスク)

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Corrosive Tusk

Name: Corrosive Tusk

Found: Hunter's Wood

Upgraded Form: N/A (yet)

Downgraded Form: Mad Hound

HP: 3981; MP: 96

Level: 29

Gold: 1696

Experience: 4518

Neither the Saberwulf nor the Mad Hound compares with this undead monstrosity spawned by arcane energies. This terror attacks with lethal ferocity, often moving before Kazan. They are also ridiculously durable. Use Super and Hyper Arts to quickly take them down. Despite its upgraded stats, the Corrosive Tusk has no new special abilities.

As mentioned in the quote above, the Corrosive Tusk is much more powerful than the previous forms. So if you had trouble with the previous ones, you're going to be struggling against this one. It's much faster, stronger, and will almost always go first in the attack order.

Considering the special attack is the exact same as the two previous downgraded forms, there is no point in showing a screenshot. It just does the Terror Howl and, as always, puts Fear into the target.