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Bubba (ボス)

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Name: Bubba

Found: Darakin

Attribute: Thunder

Difficulty: Extreme

HP: 56064; MP: 320

Level: 42

Gold: 19200

Experience: 38400


Bubba is a man on a mission—and that mission is to avenge his beloved Elfin’s death by killing Lang. Bubba’s every attack relentlessly hammers poor Lang. Bubba has a potent special attack in his Dancing Revolver, allowing him to inflict up to 2,500 points of damage in a single turn. However, to generate the strength to use this devastating Art, Bubba must recharge with Burning Soul. This recharge time grants you precious seconds to inflict your own damage.

In addition to his formidable special attacks, Bubba is also a master at blocking attacks. He’ll block at least a third of your normal Art combos, and can deflect even your most potent Super and Hyper Combos. This lessens the effectiveness of your attacks and lengthens the battle considerably.

Battle Bubba with Kazan, Lang, and Maya. Your best bet is the use of Kazan and Lang’s Variable Art attacks, which almost always inflict full damage. A single such attack can dish out almost 30,000 points of damage—enough to stagger even mighty Bubba. Your only other challenge is keeping Lang alive in the face of Bubba’s relentless attacks. Use Maya’s Origin abilities to enhance and restore Lang as he battles desperately to stay alive. If you keep Lang healthy, and use your Variable Art combination attacks as much as possible, the battle will be yours.

Just like Bubba's buddy, Elfin, this is one of the more difficult battles. It's been a debate among players for whether he really is difficult or not, but from personal experience, his damage alone is enough to tear the party apart in a few moves unless you perform the correct moves. Keeping Sharon, Kazan, and Lang in the party for this battle is your best call. If you have not already, make sure you learn the other variable arts that can be used against Bubba. Before the battle, it's a good idea to have everything fully charged, including AP. Then when the battle starts, pounding him with a variable art immediately will give you a better outcome for the battle (meaning that you may be able to defeat him within as few as 3 turns!). This easily reduces the difficulty from extreme to easy (hence the debate).

If you don't have enough HP for the character being attacked, Bubba will likely knock out whoever gets hit with his special attack called Dancing Revolver. To avoid this, use some elixirs to increase defense, or for Kazan, use Earth Protector.