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Name Found Attribute Difficulty HP/MP Level Gold Experience
Rauss Wind Tower Dark Hard 220297/784 58 50000 40000

Shining Fang

Rauss is quite a powerful boss compared to the previous bosses. He can output a lot of damage on a character when attacking them (usually 2000+ points). Considering there's a camp site before entering the boss battle, it's a good idea to have taken advantage of it.

Start the attack with the usual guard for the person(s) holding the Power Necklace and then attack him using the variable arts for whoever is wearing the Power Necklace(s). Continue to try and do this, with the usual other party member playing the healer in the battle (and getting a few hits in when possible). Although Rauss has a lot of HP and does a lot of damage, doing this strategy can easily bring the difficulty from hard to intermediate, or even easy.

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