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Name Origin Attribute Starting Level Number of Skills
Galea Fire 8 5

Flaming Fist

Galea is one of the two supreme Origins. Besides Igohl, Galea also is considered to have an infinite power - although you can't really call upon it for an infinite amount of times in battle. The attacks done by Galea in battle are very strong and are not in the least disappointing.

Lang awakens Galea in the game, making him the only character to show the awakening (since the rest of the Mystics have their Origins awakened already). The process is interesting, but nothing that'll blow your socks off. After Galea is awakened, Lang learns little by little of his Origin throughout the game and the understanding of Origins will finally be no mystery to the player.

Immediately upon getting Galea, the player will have the attack called Flaming Fist available. The attack will just send an over-sized fireball to all the enemies on the field, dealing a lot of damage. Keep using this attack often throughout the game to make sure your Origin remains strong - or else you'll regrettably have a weak origin that's of no use, later.

As the character levels up to 21, Galea learns a new defense called Flame Crest. The information says, "Boosts fighting spirit and attack power." This means that the strength of each of the party members becomes must stronger - which is good to use against some bosses.

Hellfire Wings

At 25, Galea learns the ability called Hellfire Wings. He gathers a bunch of strength and shoots through the enemies like a really fast meteor. Like previous abilities, this is a good attack to use against stronger enemies and/or Bosses.

When Galea hits level 34, the attack called Final Flash will be learned. This is, once again, a powerful attack against the enemies to kill them off.

The final skill that can be learned is Blazing Smash, at level 44.

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