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Name Locations Found Experience Gold Drops HP MP
Songi Zeto's Dungeon 1500 750 Mettle Ring 888 88

his battle will only be against Gala, as Gala told the other two to stay out of the battle when he fights Songi. Not to mention, Songi challenges Gala himself instead. After the battle is over, Gala says that the next time they face Songi, he will likely need the help of the other two.

Hyper Wave

This is technically the first time you battle Songi, if you do not consider the 2x Viguro as Songi. This is basically the most "humane" battle you will have with him, as his Sim-Seru will end up warping him and changing him in future battles. Be careful, as Songi does have a surprise attack. The first few attacks will seem easy because all he is doing is punching/kicking you. But once it's time, he'll send a huge blast at Gala called Hyper Wave. It is a significant difference in damage compared to his previous moves.

For a little more history of Songi: Songi is (or was) the other leading teacher of the Biron Monks at Biron Monastery. He was actually weaker than Gala, but did what he could to exploit Gala and take advantage of winning any competitions. In the past, he tricked Gala into taking a drug that actually weakens him and defeated Gala because of that. Then again, Gala knew of the drug, but did not mention anything of it to Songi.

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