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Name Location Found Upgraded Form Downgraded Form
Nightmare Conkram None Shade

fatal decision

The Nightmare is the same thing as its downgraded forms, except (again) it has a different set of icons, including a few new ones. Below is a table for all of them.

Picture Name Description
None None It does nothing.
curse Curse Curses the player.
Stone Stone Turns the player to stone.
Numb Numb Paralyzes the character.
Completely Numb Completely Numb Rots all four parts of the character.
Venom Venom Puts venom on your character!
Gold Lost Gold Lost Player loses 10% of current Gold.
item lost Item Lost Player loses an item permanently.
Recover HP and all status Recover HP and all status The player gets all their HP back along with normal status (aka, no poison or anything!).
Attack Power Decrease Attack Power Decrease Decreases your attack power.
MP 50 Percent MP 50% The hero loses 50% of their magic.
HP 50 Percent HP 50% The hero loses 50% of their HP.
Defense Decrease Defense Decrease The hero becomes vulnerable to attacks.
Killed instantly Killed instantly The hero will die immediately.
toxic toxic The hero is inflicted with Toxic.
MP Zero MP Zero The hero loses all magic.

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