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Name Location Found Upgraded Form Downgraded Form
Lippian Wilderness outside Biron Monastery ; West Voz Forest Lip Kid None

The Lippian is probably the most famous of all creatures in the world of Legaia. It's so famous, that it's even a creature found in Legaia 2. Unlike Legaia 2, where it's rare to find, the Lippian is a quite common creature.

Kiss of Death

Another cool fact about the Lippian is it swims, or at least travels at the bottom of ponds and lakes. When fishing in Legend of Legaia, the Lippian can be caught (a rarer find).

There is also a unique item that can be purchased from fishing stores called the Lippian Flute. It can also be obtained from Lip Kings.

The special attack from the Lippian is the ever famous Kiss of Death. It has a high probability of stunning your characters to where you cannot use them. The good news is that they become mobile again after being hit once by any enemy.

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