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Green Slime

Green Slime

Name Location Found Upgraded Form Downgraded Form
Green Slime Rim Elm ; Wilderness outside Rim Elm Oak Slime None

Green Slimes are interesting creatures. They are very slow and can only limit their attacks according to their levels (i.e. Green Slime lvl 1 = 1 attack at a time).


The special move for the Green Slime is "divide," which no other creature does (not counting the boss,

Jette). When it multiplies, the player will receive more gold and more experience, as well (assuming that the player killed all the Slimes and didn't run).

Note on screenshot: The reason you cannot see the other "divided form" of the Green Slime is because the animation blinks on and off, so it's very difficult to take one screenshot with both of the Slimes at the same time of the dividing.

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