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Uru Mais

Uru Mais

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Uru Mais is a very famous location throughout the game and you learn a lot of its history and what people use it for. Apparently it was under control from Sol before, and people could not gain access without special permission. Of course, times have changed since the Mist arrived!

According to some texts, Uru Mais is a location where Seru pop up out of thin air, with no explanation as to their origin. It is actually a connection between the Seru-kai and Legaia, according to the Ra-Seru.

Uru Mais has no Mist around it, which means it must have the power to drive the Mist away from it like a Genesis Tree does. The player learns more about the history of the three characters when the go into their dreams. But also, there is a large text book on top of a table in the small ruins to the east that read:

"Guidelines for Seru Trapping." Seru come out at midnight! A trapper must therefore patrol Uru Mais only at sunrise. Uru Mais is off-limits from sunset to sunrise because that is when the Whispers are frequent. A trapper must never wear a captured Seru. All Seru should be sent to Sol as soon as they are caught. The Whispers are the voices of a demon! Trapper, never listen to the Whispers, even in daytime! A trapper must never touch the three doors on the side of Uru Mais.

When getting to the top of the platform, the heroes hear "a voice", actually the voice of Tieg. It says:

You... was... key... ruins... who has... door... dreams... will be ope... Gather at... dream...! Door... open...

There are three dreams. Each one tells the story of each character. I will describe each one in the following order: Vahn, Noa, Gala.


Vahn dreams of his mother, Nora, and how she is very sick. The Village Elder and his father, Val, mention that the only cure is to get Drake Water from Drake Castle. So Vahn sneaks outside Rim Elm's gate to get Drake Water for Nora. Val chases after him but gets attacked by a Seru in the process. Luckily he only damaged his leg (instead of being possessed) and Vahn came back safely. After the dream, the following dialogue appears:

Vahn, do not blame yourself for the past. Do not feel guilty. The past cannot be changed. Instead, you must be brave and work to create the future! This is what it means to be human! For humans are those who are brave enough to create their own future.

Noa dreams of her family in Conkram and how they were attacked by the Mist for the first time. Since it has already been mentioned that the Mist has existed for 10 years by too many sources, that means that either Noa is actually 10 years of age, or the Mist is actually around for 12 years and people are estimating. After the dream, the following dialogue appears:

Noa, young victim of the whims of Fate. The past etched in your mind is now revealed! The pain in your past may have left large scars and may gnaw at your heart. But never lose hope! For when there is hope, you can draw strength from the past. That is what being human is all about! For humans are those who, with hope in their hearts, find the future through the past.

Gala dreams of his past against Songi. It is mainly about the fact that all the Biron Monks are applauding Gala for being the strongest of the monks. Songi tries to trick him into taking Jigul Grass, but doesn't realize that Gala was already warned by one of the women in the Biron Monastery. So Songi grows more furious about it, rather than feeling sorry, and "promises" to get back at Gala for it in the future. After the dream, the following dialogue appears:

Gala, You did your best. You have nothing to be ashamed of. After all, even when unavoidable misfortune occurs, it is the spirit that remains in the end. So be proud of yourself! And use that pride to create happiness! That is what it means to be human! For humans are those who create their own happiness with their pride.

After all three Phantasmal Lights have been activated, the player can speak to the words of Tieg through each of the entities. The following paragraphs are from each of the spirits.

In the beginning there was Tieg, and Tieg was everything. Then Tieg divided Himself into two. Those were human and Seru. Tieg also divided the world into two: the human world and Seru-kai.

To protect two worlds, Tieg placed ten Genesis Trees in human world and a Mother Genesis Tree in Seru-kai.

A thousand years ago, by the human calendar, the Ra-Seru Rogue plotted behind Tieg's back. Rogue gave the humans Seru, but humans coveted the Seru's power, bringing chaos to the human world.

Tieg learned of the plot of the Ra-Seru Rogue and sealed him in the eternal dungeon of Rogue. But a few Seru in the human world were left to serve humans, who had built civilization with Seru.

This Mist is the breath of the evil Rogue. But the Mist covering Legaia was created by humans.

Tieg sealed the Ra-Seru into the human world's Genesis Trees. And he ordered them: Help the compassionate humans save the world if a Rogue or other evil presence should appear.

To govern Seru-kai, Tieg chose a small group of Seru and gave them special Ra-Seru power.

After everything has been heard and done, Tieg disappears, leaving the heroes with the Fire Droplet. He says:

Humans, take the Fire Droplet. Tieg has left the humans with his knowledge. Vahn, use your courage... Gala, use your pride... Noa, use your hope... With these three things, knowledge will create the future. Never forget that.

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