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Nivora Ravine

Nivora Ravine

Population Buildings Genesis Trees Originally covered in The Mist? Item Count (View child page for items list)
0 0 0 Yes 6

The Nivora Ravine's entrance is blocked from the heroes to prevent from access. The only way to destroy it is through using the TimeSpace Bomb, which is created from Dr. Usha after he has received the Fire Droplet from Tieg. After the TimeSpace Bomb has been set at the entrance, it explodes in two seconds (instead of the promised three). The other three bombs are later used to destroy Koru, a Seru breathing cold air to through the mountain and freezing Buma.

The freezing is also causing a blockade from Mt. Dhini to the north, which will only be accessed after Koru is destroyed. But before going to Mt. Dhini, the player must receive the Soren Flute, so that they can call to the Soren for assistance to the Floating Castle.

This is also the location in which the players must fight against the Delilas family. They are there to protect Koru; to make sure that it's not being destroyed from the heroes in any way. Each of the Delilas' gets their corresponding enemy (i.e. speed is to speed so Noa is to Lu Delilas). After they are defeated, the combine themselves with Koru to make Koru a much stronger enemy, as well as a timebomb itself.

Finally, after the Ravine is destroyed, the players can go back to Buma and revive the three Genesis Trees.

Throughout the Nivora Ravine, the player will have some (easy) puzzles to complete to continue on to find Koru. Below is the name of the character to control and what to do. Push SQUARE to switch characters. Don't forget to grab the chests on the way through!

Noa: Continue until Noa steps onto the round glowing circle

Vahn: Continue until he meets the weird blockade. Push the blockade and continue until you reach the end of the path, with the spikes.

Noa: After crossing the new bridge, hit the switch, and continue until you have found Koru

Gala: Continue the path, going through the now open gate (was closed before Noa hit the switch). When Gala runs into the snowball, push it over the cliff. Follow the path down to Koru

Vahn: Jump over the snowball and find your way to Koru.

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