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Floating Castle

Floating Castle

Population Buildings Genesis Trees Originally covered in The Mist? Item Count (View child page for items list)
0 0 0 Yes and No (some locations have Mist while others don't) 6

The Floating Castle was built in order to spray Mist all over the Karisto Kingdom. Unfortunately, Grantes, a late Soren, helped in building the Floating Castle. He was fooled by Zora into thinking that his lover, Cara, would get Soren Wings if he had brought Zora a Ra-Seru Egg from the Genesis Tree in Buma. Later, Grantes had his wings taken away because of Soren law.

The Floating Castle is the only Mist Generator that is not built onto the ground. It's only floating because of the power of the engine in the center of the castle.

The heroes will have to go through vents and such just to get the the end of the Floating Castle. But when they have reached it, they will find a throne in which Zora is supposed to be sitting on. For some reason, she is not there, so the heroes take advantage of this event and search around for the middle of the generator. When they get to the door, they find that they cannot open it because it's locked. So when attempting to leave the throne room, Zora walks in and attacks the players.

After defeating queen Zora, Songi will arrive and destroy the door to the engine of the Floating Castle. Surprisingly, he destroys the engine himself rather than letting the heroes do it. He laughs, as the heroes have to escape the Floating Castle before it fails and hits the ground. The time limit is rather long, so it's not hard to escape. It also only takes off 20 seconds total per battle, so you have plenty of time to escape.

After escaping with the Soren, the castle falls into the ocean above the Nivora Ravine to forever stay. This clears the Mist from everywhere in the Karisto Kingdom except for Conkram. That means the Karisto Station and such are now open for business!

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