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Population Buildings Genesis Trees Originally covered in The Mist? Item Count (View child page for items list)
- 1 0 Yes 5

Conkram is covered entirely by a Sim-Seru that looks like a clam shell. Ironically, the water Seru, Slippery, is found inside Conkram. The small city became a Sim-Seru because Cort had placed the Sim-Seru (was really small when first shown [see Conkram (Past)]) on a pedestal in the center of the main castle.

Conkram is famous for the war against Sol and the origin of the Mist. Originally, the Mist was only planned to be a weapon of the war, but Cort became foolish and wanted to use it against the world and take over it. The Mist was released in Conkram from an accident to where the Seru Monster broke out of the glass case and started attacking people. For more information as to what happens in the past, read Conkram (Past).

Noa's parents are mentioned to be in Conkram the entire time throughout the game. So throughout the game, Noa plans on finding Conkram and it is the reason for her main journey. Vahn wants to help with this and Gala is with the trio just to help defeat Songi for betraying the Biron Monastery.

The heroes leave Conkram (they cannot get rid of the Mist in it yet) and head towards Jette's Absolute Fortress. The fortress is inaccessible at first because it requires "a key." But going through Conkram (Past) allows them to gain access to it in order to destroy it.

After the Mist is cleared from Jette's Absolute Fortress, the Sim-Seru in Conkram dies and closes shut on top of the city. This obviously kills everyone in it - but they are probably better off now rather than having to suffer from it.

When heading to the past, Terra explains to Noa:

Noa, listen! In the world of the past, you will meet your parents when they were young. But no matter what happens, you must never tell them who you are, or what will happen in the future... Do you understand? This is very important. If you do, you will only create chaos that will benefit the Mist and its allies.

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