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Population Buildings Genesis Trees Originally covered in The Mist? Item Count (View child page for items list)
0-40 8 4 Yes 3

When you first arrive in Octam, it will be revealed that it's the location in the dream all three heroes had when in the Ancient Wind/Water Cave. Unfortunately, it is covered in the Mist and Hari is not present. Also, as Gala noted, there are no people whatsoever. In every other case when the Mist is around, there are people who are turned into Seru Monsters. At first, it's unknown as to why the town is this way, but later the player finds out about Underground Octam.

Octam is home to the flying trains and is the way the player will travel to the Karisto Kingdom. The flying train is actually a really large Seru (although it looks and seems a lot more like a machine than a Seru). It travels across some "taut rope" that was purposely built to make-way to the Karisto Kingdom. Unfortunately, when traveling there, the Seru had to build momentum and let loose - causing the players to have a joy ride all the way to the Karisto Station.

When searching inside the Temple of Rem in Octam, the player will find four large stones with writings on them. These are the four books of prophecy, mentioned by Sashia in Vidna. The player must read all four of them to unlock a secret passage underground. This passage goes to an elevator that was used to guide all the citizens to Underground Octam. It is also the way the player can go between Octam and Underground Octam once Xain has died.

At the time of getting to the elevator to find it closed off, the player will meet Cara for the first time. She is really mysterious at first, but a lot more is explained later in the game (Mainly in Sol) as you meet her again.

When reading all four books, keep in mind of the locations to where the elemental stone heads are. Or you could just look at the webpage for Gate of Shadows.

Stairs to Underground

When exploring the top floor of the building (green door outside), there's a book on a table called "Offical Guide to Sightseeing in Sebucus Islands." When reading it, you can choose from four items. The dialogue and items are as follows:

Gate of Shadows:

From Octam, island-hop north then head east to reach the ancient ruins, the Gate of Shadows. This site was once a holy place, but for what purpose its ancient owners used it, is unclear. Also unknown is why a site in the mountains would be named after Tohn, god of the Sea. Legend has it you can hear the ocean waves if you press your ear against these massive stones.

Flying Trains:

The flying trains are a form of transportation unique to the Sebucus Islands. The most unusual aspect of the airborne rickshaws is undoubtedly their crew's appearance. Wearing Flying Seru, crewmen pull a large gondola along a taut rope suspended in midair. Trains are the only transportation linking the complex Sebucus Islands to Karisto Kingdom.


Located at the center of the Sebucus Islands, Octam is the 1,000-year-old ancient capital. Recent surveys have detected prehistoric ruins underneath Octam and... *The rest of the pages are missing! They have been torn out!*

Rem Shrine:

The Rem Shrine in Octam is an eminent shrine dedicated to Rem, the god of time. Rem is said to sleep underground and is worshiped as the creator of the 99 islands in the Sebucus archipelago, and its 33 hot springs and 11 volcanoes. As the reader no doubt knows, legend holds that strange events happen when Rem is angered. Strangely, the Rem Shrine contains a massive stone identical to the one in Gate of Shadows in the east.

When entering the east door (the inn) on the main building (bottom floor), you will find a letter inside a cupboard. It reads: Tomorrow we launch the plan! Travel light!

Lastly, but the most important, the four books of Prophecy. The following are the writings in all four of them (you must read all four to continue!).

Book of Prophecy: Volume 1:

To those who walk in the Mist: This is the First Prophecy. Read it well. Be warned! Take heed! The Mist is Death in disguise! The Mist is a cradle of madness! History warns us: The Mist stops time. The Mist brings chaos. When the evil Mist appears from the west horizon, leave everything and run for your lives! The god Rem awaits you all, in the hot depths of the earth. Until the heroes of Ra-Seru defeat the Mist...

Book of Prophecy: Volume 2:

To those who walk in the Mist: This is the Second Prophecy. Read it well. When reality turns into a nightmare and nightmares bring despair, the god Rem is the last hope. Rem leads humans to the depths of the Earth, and in his bosom destroys the Mist nightmare. But hear this, heroes of Ra-Seru, those who walk through the Mist! Thou must show a sign of being the heroes of Ra-Seru! The path to Rem's bosom is ever steep and hidden in darkness. Gather at the Gate of Shadows! The path to Rem's bosom can be found only there.

Book of Prophecy: Volume 3:

To those who walk in the Mist: This is the Third Prophecy. Read it well. The path to Rem's bosom is at the Gate of Shadows. However, the mouth of the Gate of Shadows is shut. The Gate of Shadows is a stone flower. Only words carved in the Four Faces make the flower bloom. Speak to the Four Faces, Find the words engraved in the Faces and engrave them in thine hearts.

Book of Prophecy: Volume 4:

To those who walk in the Mist: This is the Fourth Prophecy. Read it well. The Gate of Shadows is a stone flower. The words of the Four Faces will cause a great flower to bloom. However, for the true Gate born in the flower, seek out the Key. That key is the Star Pearl, a silent treasure that slumbers deep under the Palace of Rem. The Star Pearl will open the true Gate. Heroes, pass and take the ancient path to Rem's bosom.

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