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Mt. Letona

Mt. Letona

Population Buildings Genesis Trees Originally covered in The Mist? Item Count (View child page for items list)
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Mt. Letona is the location in which you can only gain access to after Vidna has been covered by the Mist and Van Saryu has given the heroes the key to the Genesis Tree. The doorway to the mountain is set to the east side of Ratayu. Climbing up the mountain can take a while, since there are many turns and routes to take.

Mt. Letona Genesis Tree

Once the player reaches the top, they will find that the Genesis Tree is covered by some unknown force in the shape of a Pyramid. Noa shocks herself trying to get through it and the player will be unable to do anything. After the cutscene ends, the only thing that will be left to do is walk down Mt. Letona. But as you attempt to, Songi is walking up to laugh at the heroes for their attempt at destroying the shield.

Songi promises to remove the shield if they can defeat him in a battle. So then the fight against Songi (Part 2) begins. His Sim-Seru has mutated and become a lot larger and more powerful than before.

After Songi (Part 2) has been defeated, he will keep his word and deactivate the shield from the Genesis Tree. He then takes off and the players are left to finally revive the Genesis Tree. Once revived, it's time to make your way back down to Ratayu (or use a Door of Light).

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