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Rim Elm

Rim Elm

Population Buildings Genesis Trees Originally covered in The Mist? Item Count (View child page for items list)
20-27 5 1 No 8

Rim Elm is the town in which the hero, Vahn, starts in. There is one Genesis Tree, which contains the Ra-Seru, Meta. Meta persuades Vahn into doing his travels to save the world from the Mist. The walls surrounding Rim Elm, along with the wind that is pushed from the ocean from dawn till dusk, seem to protect the town from the unwanted Mist outside.

In the beginning of the game, the player only "hears" of the Mist, but doesn't encounter it in town at first. Later, after trying to rest, the town is attacked by a force outside the wall. The Mist pours into Rim Elm, and Vahn must fight against waves of Seru. Going to the Genesis Tree, which is safe from the Mist, will introduce Meta to Vahn. After obtaining Meta, Vahn can then absorb the powers of Seru (through chance, not every time).

Panoramic View of Rim Elm

Rim Elm goes clean from the Mist after reviving the Genesis Tree with Meta and the prayer of the village folk. Near the end of the game, the town is then enveloped by Juggernaut and contains every Seru the player has encountered previously in the game. Unfortunately, the player cannot visit Rim Elm like normal again after Juggernaut has enveloped it.

Even though it's probably the first thing most people notice, it was the last thing I noticed in my Legaia addiction. There is an available panoramic view of the entire village available attached to the Genesis Tree. I always noticed that giant note board on it, but ignored it thinking it was something I already read before saying something like "This Genesis Tree is Rim Elm's treasure" or something. But nope, you can view information about locations in Rim Elm. Give it a try.

After the player has cleared the world of the Mist and destroyed the last Mist Generator, you can talk to the old lady in the Village Elder's House to the east of the building. She says the funny following typo:

I'm glad that the words of an old man like me helped you during your journey.

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