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Biron Monastery

Biron Monastery

Population Buildings Genesis Trees Originally covered in The Mist? Item Count (View child page for items list)
31 0 0 No 6

Biron Monastery is the "home" to the Biron monks. The monks worship a goddess named Biron, in which you can see the statue located within the monastery (which also contains an item). Noa will also have her second dream here when resting in the room after meeting Maya.

The real adventure and story starts to kick off to a true experience after reviving the Genesis trees to the northeast and northwest of the Biron Monastery. The player first learns about destroying the Mist Generator and then gets the opportunity to explore much more of the world rather than the small secluded part of the map. Of course, the player gets much more when going even farther (read other locations to find out more).

The heroes will meet Gala and Songi for the first time in Biron Monastery. Gala is first known as Master Teacher rather than Gala. This makes it possible for the player to choose a name for him, if Gala isn't an appealing enough name.

After attempting and failing to revive the Genesis Tree of the West Voz Forest, the player will hear an explosion at the Biron Monastery. It is learned that Songi attacked the Monastery with many Seru using an extreme power of some kind. After learning of everything that happened, it's the player's duty to revive the Genesis Tree of the East Voz Forest. There, the player will encounter Songi.

Tetsu was originally from Biron Monastery but got stuck in Rim Elm due to the Mist. Likewise, Maya got stuck in Biron Monastery. All the monks think of Maya as a close mother to them as she cares for them.

During the attack on Biron Monastery (when the Mist pours in), the player can find an unfinished letter written by Maya. It reads:

To my daughter, Mei: Today Vahn came to Biron and told me about Juno. I was so shocked and I shed many tears. When I think of how lonely you must be, my heart breaks with grief. When you were still young, I left you and came to Biron. I left because of the Mist. Please forgive me for leaving you in Rim Elm. Vahn says I can return with him, but there is something that keeps me here at the Biron Monastery a little longer. Please forgive me. There are two orphans here, Songi and Gala. They are about your age, and they are like sons to me. My obligations here compel me to stay. You must think that I don't care for you, but that is not true. I know that the people of the village are supporting you. Please forgive

In the letter she states that they are about Mei's age, but it is also known that Gala is promoted to Master Teacher at the age of 17 (Mei is only 15).

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